The star of the show “Ural dumplings” revealed “sharp” the secret of beauty hair

Звезда шоу «Уральские пельмени» раскрыла «острый» секрет красоты волос
Actress Ilana St. George rubs his head with pepper.

Ilana St. George

Photo: Press service of Ilana St George

Ilana St. George, participant of show “the Ural pelmeni”
the owner hardly probable not the longest hair in our show-business: the scythe artist up to the waist, she is more than 60 centimeters. Not surprisingly, the most pressing question to a star “as you are caring for
hair.” The main secret of St George’s Ilana that she had never
dyed my hair, and refused a hot dryer and do not use irons.

But to grow such a long hair, it turns out that this is not enough.
Ilana talked about their favorite mask for hair. Its main ingredient is hot pepper. Burning substances stimulate the flow of blood to the head, awakening
hair follicles and stimulating hair growth.

Mask with pepper is not for everyone, — says St. George. — It is impossible
to do the mask, if the head is wound. Be careful if you use
essential oil. And especially be careful that the mixture does not hit the
eyes! And soothe the scalp will help mask with egg and yogurt.”

Also Ilana has shared with fans his recipe
mask. In cooled boiled water, add pepper (concentration 1:2). The mixture
apply on the roots. To withstand 30-40 minutes. Thoroughly wash the head. To give
hair to dry naturally and do not comb it for a few hours at

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