A sex scandal at a prestigious school took an unexpected turn

Секс-скандал в престижной школе принял неожиданный поворот New details emerged of the resonant history, shocked the public. A number of graduates and teachers of the “school League” defended the accused in the sexual abuse of teenage girls. The people who gave years of her beloved school, are outraged by what is happening.

      Секс-скандал в престижной школе принял неожиданный поворот

      Recently in the Internet appeared the information that in the prestigious “League of schools” allegedly raped the girls for over 25 years. Called and specific names of offenders – the principal of the school Sergei Bebchuk and his Deputy Nikolai Izyumov. Journalists investigated and found out the details of the controversial history. Later in a Network there was shocking video message graduates who reported harassment on the part of Bebchuk and Sumova.

      Scandalous student told the school about orgies with the Director

      Data published in the media, became interested in the Investigative Committee. There initiated check upon the publication in the online edition. In parallel, social media users launched the persecution of “rapists” on the Internet. They wrote angry comments on the page Izyumova. The man himself answered some of them. He continues to deny his guilt.

      Later, the graduates and teachers of the “school League”, do not agree with the accusations of Bebchuk and Izyumova, created a page in social networks. They call to restore the reputation of the prestigious school for gifted children. According to defenders of the educational institutions, it can be destroyed in a matter of hours. What happened after journalists initiated a stormy discussion of a sex scandal.

      Секс-скандал в престижной школе принял неожиданный поворот

      Thus, the ex-school teacher Vasily Tumanov believes that the information published in the media, reveals only one point of view on what was happening. “It was rewriting other people’s versions of events, test that directly. It would be possible to compare readings of one and the same people (as is the case with Tatiana Karsten), to compare the testimony of different people about the same events, but nothing that we, the readers, do not see,” – said the man.

      Mist also commented on the reasons for the closure of the institution. Previously it was a version that it happened due to a sex scandal, who wanted to hush up. However, according to the teacher, the discontinuance of the school was due to “the reduced limits of the law”. The teacher said that the educational institution administration has done everything possible for its further existence, but to cope with external circumstances failed.

      An opinion was expressed by the group of teachers who said they sent a collective letter to the Prosecutor. The initiator of the appeal became doctor of pedagogical Sciences and Professor Herman Levitas. The man is outraged a large number of lies with which, in his opinion, had to face former teachers unique school and its graduates. Herman G. was supported by 12 of his former colleagues.

      “The media spread unconfirmed rumors about alleged cases of defilement of girls by the leaders of this school. I worked there as a math teacher for 14 years: from 2001 till its closure – and nothing like the school is not seen… It defames the name of one of the best educational institutions in our country. A very important feature of this school was that the school lived as one family, with their domestic joys and sorrows, agreements and disputes, quarrels and comforts. Dirty people always can see in this something that interests them most. But protection must act, the principle of the presumption of innocence,” said Levitas.
      Секс-скандал в престижной школе принял неожиданный поворот

      Graduate 2014 Fathi El-Kukhun told that the high school years was the best thing that ever happened. He said that the children who for whatever reason left wall of his favorite educational institutions, you could think about revenge. The young man claims that he personally knows accused of violence Director Sergei Bebchuk and his loved ones. The accusations against the men Fathi finds unfair. According to El-Cohuna, Bebchuk is not capable of child molestation. Director of the “League schools,” says Fathi, sought to give knowledge to students and therefore even at times sacrificed their weekend.

      “It was so unbelievable that I refused at first to believe that this is possible. I spent there whole day from morning till night, though he never was a good student. Just the place is always full of life, this school could be so easily to communicate with students and, most importantly, the teachers at any time. And everyone who studied in the “League schools” at least a month fell in love with this informal atmosphere,” recalls El-Kukhun.
      Секс-скандал в престижной школе принял неожиданный поворот

      Eight other graduates came together and addressed with the collective letter, which was published in social networks. Young people expressed their disagreement with the charges put forward against the Director and his wife, as well as the head teacher of the institution.

      “We grew up in the League of Schools. It was there that we became who we are… Sergei Alexandrovich, Nikolai Mikhailovich, Anastasia Stanislavovna – those teachers, without which the “League schools” would not have appeared and we’re very grateful that a miracle happened in 1994… From “the League” had a lot of difficulties. On the one hand, difficulties with financing, building, food, and on the other hand – with people. We didn’t think that those people who were not close to “ligovskoy” life, decide to collectively Express their dislike,” – said the publication of former students.
      Секс-скандал в престижной школе принял неожиданный поворот

      Graduates said that the school and everyone knew each other and supported an atmosphere of trust. “We were with each other as honest as possible, and if we had conflicts, they are quickly resolved. Under such a system of relations to hide something was impossible,” they said.

      Later, the Network has emerged a new detail on the unfolding sex scandal. It turned out that there is a conflict of interest. Former chief editor of Finanz Paul Miladin drew attention to the fact that the General Director of the school Sergei Bebchuk and the alleged brother of one of the victims Petr Volyak mentioned in “SPARK” as the owner and CEO of manufacturing company. A patronymic and a residence of this possible relative of the victim coincides with the data of Faith Volyak. The fact, discovered by a journalist, caused him a lot of questions.

      After some time Miladina said the chief editor of the newspaper, where the investigation of violence with the “League of schools”. Ivan Kolpakov said that there’s no hidden business interests.

      “This assumption is, I think irresponsible. In addition to that of the heroine we have two dozen testimonies from former students of the “League of schools”, including those recorded on video, plus a sizeable amount of documentary evidence, among which the most important is the record of a meeting of graduates with Bebchuk (during which Bebchuk indirectly confirmed his involvement in sexual harassment and accepts the ultimatum),” — said the journalist.
      Секс-скандал в престижной школе принял неожиданный поворот