Викторию Боню поздравляют со свадьбой Model and TV presenter responded to the rumors about the breakup with the father of your daughter. She said that is still in a civil marriage with the son of billionaire Alex Servicom. Victoria also promised to surprise the fans of important news related to its second half.

      Socialite Victoria Bonya recently returned from the Emirates, where she went at the invitation of one brand of clothing. At the moment the woman is in Monaco. Earlier in the Internet appeared the information about the quarrel of the star and its civil husband Alex Smurfit. Some social media users claimed that the son of a billionaire had an affair with a blond model Taylor Howard. They also noted that Victoria and alleged fiancee Alex like each other figure and hairstyle.

      The ill-wishers of Victoria Boni accused her husband of infidelity

      Victoria Bonya became acquainted with the numerous conjectures of the public and were quick to respond to the spiteful critics. The young woman assured fans that her personal life is all right. Victoria said that she still is in a relationship with a civilian husband.

      “Back home… Lovely fans (I’d say) of our pair with Alex, enough to invent all sorts of stories. We’ve got a surprise for you, which we will report next week. But in the meantime please be patient and do not look for something close! We love you,” shared Victoria.

      Fans of Bonnie immediately began to discuss what she had in mind, speaking of unexpected, but pleasant news. Some of them have decided that this is due to a replenishment of the family of a celebrity. Most fans of Victoria felt that she finally married her beloved. They congratulated the star with the impending wedding. “Happiness to you”, “Intrigued”, “less than eight years, Alex decided to offer hands and hearts”, “Love your pair”, “Harmony, understanding and plenty of you children”, “Great! Been waiting for this,” discussed social media users.

      Recall, Victoria Bonya is in a civil marriage with the son of the Irish billionaire Alex Servicom. The couple has a daughter, who was named Angelina Letizia. The girl was born in March 2012. The lovers live in Monaco.

      In November 2016, the Network appeared the first rumors that relations Victoria and Alex are not going smoothly. After some time Bonia has denied these speculations. “The fact that my husband walked away from the “Instagram”, does not mean that he departed from my life too… But I want to remind you that we prefer to keep our happiness in silence. Away from your eyes. Thank you for cackling for us,” said the celebrity.