Сергей Плотников публично попросил прощения у старшего сына The actor apologized to Elijah. Carpenters left the family when the boy was young. According to ex-wife of Sergey Olga, he thought of the heir only “between marriages”. The movie star admitted that he was wrong.

      Сергей Плотников публично попросил прощения у старшего сына

      Sergei Plotnikov could not boast of a perfect relationship with his eldest son. The fact that in the early 90s, when the actor had a child, he was too involved in his career, so could not devote proper attention to the heir. Carpenters left the family and brought his young wife.

      In the program “live” long-awaited meeting of the eldest son of the star of the series “kadetstvo” Ilya and his father. According to a young man who bears the name of his grandfather, he’s not mad at his relative.

      “All my life I grew up without a father. I didn’t know that, did he me,” said the guy in the Studio.

      According to Elias, the father gave him money to study, the guy used the grant. Plotnikov himself earlier said that it was willing to pay for the arrival of his son in drama school. However, Naslednik understand why dad did it.

      “For the novice actor family with a child is a big problem. If the father stayed with me, he could not become an honored artist of Russia”, – explained the senior heir of Sergei.

      A few minutes later he appeared carpenters in the Studio “Live”. He was glad to meet Elijah. The actor believes that the son is very not like him.

      “Elijah’s right, I’m afraid some difficulties… the Most important thing Ilya says excuse me and forgive. But I myself can not forgive. If a person can not forgive myself, so can not nobody else. Most went to the mother of Elijah,” – said Sergey.
      Сергей Плотников публично попросил прощения у старшего сына

      One time movie star rented an apartment near his ex-wife and son, but then they moved to Kazakhstan, where the boy grew up. In turn, Sergei re-married, years Later, the carpenters decided to apologize to Elijah.

      “I ask your forgiveness and your mother that I agreed to it, threw you in and let you go in Alma-ATU”, – said the actor.

      According to Sergei, his ex-wife at some point started to deny to communicate with Elijah. “Between the marriages thought of the son”, – said Olga. The actor admits that 15 years apart with the eldest heir.

      Ex-wife allowed to meet them once again, when Elijah was 18 years old. But then in their conversations again came a break. Carpenters hoped that more such problems in their relations with the eldest son will not.