A new twist in the scandal with Anastasia Volochkova

Новый поворот в скандале с Анастасией Волочковой
A ballerina will play in a new theatrical production.

Anastasia Volochkova

Photo: Mark Steinbock

Anastasia Volochkova has arrived to Orenburg specifically in order
to talk to the Director and
the playwright, Semyon Zlotnikov. He wrote the play “a man Came to the woman” performance
which was delivered, and Volochkova was to play a major role in it. But
between the actors and the Director there was a scandal.

In the end, the dancer decided
to terminate the contract with the theater and go to free navigation.

“My kids assured me that if I take the play “a man Came
to the woman” how your entreprise and will be laminating the performance regardless
The Karabas-Barabas, you’re gonna have problems, because as the author of the play Semyon Zlotnikov
will sue me to court. He doesn’t like it
a modern solution of the play, which was performed in the School of Modern drama, — said Volochkova. — I love the truth. So I found the Seeds in his
the invitation arrived in Orenburg, and decided to personally find out whether this is so. All that
told me I. Raihelgauz about Semyon Zlotnikov, and that it will be against my
the repertory of the play “a man Came to the woman” — was a complete lie! Already at intermission of semen made me interesting
the offer”.

Playwright and Director offered her a role in another play “the Waltz
lonely”, but in a new vision and with the introduction of choreography. As he noted
the Director, on his arrival in the capital will begin casting for the role. “Come on
my other premiere of the play presents all the lonely Waltz” in June
Orenburg”, — said Volochkova.

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