Eva Polna boasted a gorgeous lunch

Ева Польна похвасталась шикарным обедом
The singer is enjoying Mediterranean cuisine in Croatia.

Ева Польна похвасталась шикарным обедом

Eva Polna

Photo: instagram Eva Shouting

Eva Polna — known foodie: singer appreciate fine dining,
than often informs the subscribers of his microblog. Now Eva spends holidays in Croatia — recently, she again bragged
images of delicacies, which she was able to try. This time on the table the stars were of Mediterranean
cuisine. And, by the way, not only boasted, but also shared a delicious recipe
pasta with lobster.

Ева Польна похвасталась шикарным обедом

Pasta with lobster

Photo: @100tskaya (Instagram Anastasia Stotskaya)

“All lovers of pasta and sea food to increase appetite, signed Eva photo with refreshments. Pasta with lobster is to die for! Could not
not to capture the front of “ruin”. I have to say the portion of the family! And then
now run across “good people” shouting: “Nifiga it is piled!”. Divided
honestly — for five. But to break away, frankly, was difficult. Nothing more,
all of the case: a properly cooked pasta, fresh lobster, lightest and most delicious
sauce. Modestly and with dignity! In Moscow will, as always miss. Well, good
as they say little by little, that it is valuable”.

Eva Polna in Croatia

Photo: instagram Eva Shouting

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