Paul Will first showed daughter

Павел Воля впервые показал дочь
Today Sofia turned one.

Paul Will Laysan utiasheva and Sofia

Photo: Instagram

Today is his first birthday the daughter of Paul Will and Laysan Utyasheva — Sofia. On this occasion the happy father posted a photo of her hand in his personal blog.

“Our Sophia turned one year old, wrote the resident of Comedy Club. — We love you very much! You will do it. Laugh, sing, dance, eat, sleep, go, play, have fun, girl! With God, my dear. Thank you for everything! Laysan utiasheva, thank you for this happiness. The world is our house!”

Sofia was born in one of the elite clinics in Miami, in the same where couples first child was born — Robert. Name for a daughter of Paul and Laysan was chosen not accidentally, because in Greek it means “wise”. On the same day Will told fans about the new addition: “We are the happiest in the world! Now four of us:
Paul, Rosie, Robert and Sofia. Daughter, happy birthday! Lazenka, you’re my
heroine! Champion! Thank you, God!”

By the way, not so long ago, Rosie said that with Pasha they plan to have children.

“Sophia and Robert I was in labor in America, — told Rosie. — But the third, the fourth, as God wills, the baby plan to give birth in Russia”.

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