A new image of Oleg Gazmanov shocked fans

Новый образ Олега Газманова шокировал поклонников
Singer scared of Internet users lack of hair.

Oleg Gazmanov’s son Rodion

Photo: @oleggazmanov Instagram

Oleg Gazmanov returned from holiday in Jordan and radically changed the image. The artist did a hairstyle “under a zero”, completely shave off my hair. The new image showed the singer on the set of the concert for the First channel in honor of Victory Day.

Many say that with a new hairstyle Oleg began to look “old”. “What Gazmanov? Much passed”, “one Hundred years have not seen him and not even know”, “Where did the hair? Like a prisoner…”, “an Unsuccessful experiment with the image,” singer criticized the Network users.

Photo Oleg stands next to his son, Rodion, who he ran into backstage. “Unexpectedly met Rodion. Happy with its success” — said the 66-year-old Gazmanov. Fans, by the way, the revelation of Oleg was a bit confused, because from his words it follows that it does not support communication with Rodion. Otherwise, I think the fans, he’d know he’d meet on the set of son.

However, it is possible that Gazmanov on the eve of the 73rd anniversary of the Victory was very busy with work. Recently, he released a video for the song “Immortal regiment”.