Экс-участница разоблачает шоу «Холостяк» с Егором Кридом: «Вам не показали правду!»
Anastasia Smirnova told about the behind the scenes show.

Anastasia Smirnova and Egor Krid

Photo: Social networks

The sixth season of “the Bachelor” is coming to an end. A little bit more and viewers will finally learn who will be the lady Yegor creed. On Sunday it became known that the project has left another member of the cast, and, unlike many other girls who did it willingly. Anastasia Smirnova after interrogation declared the Creed, that they are ready to go home. Later in social networks, the girl confessed that not a bit sorry about the decision.

“It was a calculated withdrawal, the last week at Villa in the head was only one thought: “leave”. Why waste your time in the shuffle? To sit and to wait for something?! Wait until you receive a rose? From the first day understood everything that happens on the project, knew that the final will not come. But there was hope for something good in the real world it would be all different, sure” — said Anastasia. Smirnov has previously participated in reality TV projects (“Holiday in Mexico”, “Integrity”, “Dom-2”), therefore “rules of the game” was familiar, but still expected from “the Bachelor” is something more.

“I knew more than anyone. I know all this Telemir, because I’m not first time on the reality and know what’s on the other side of the cameras. Through this project I realized that I didn’t want to participate anywhere else, it’s time to stop. From the first day I didn’t have goals to reach the final of all the forces, especially to be good, to suffer, forced to stay on the project for the “prize” as others do… I wanted to try to understand, because I came not just. It is a pity that You did not show the truth, why I was on this project, although it doesn’t matter now!” — confessed ex-member of “the Bachelor.” Smirnov also said that, when going on a date with Greg, was already aware that he will be leaving the project. She gathered her things and said goodbye to friends, though the air did not show it.