Minus 30 pounds: anybody changed for a new love?

Минус 30 килограммов: Михаил Шуфутинский преобразился ради новой любви?
Singer visibly lost weight after his wife’s death.

Минус 30 килограммов: Михаил Шуфутинский преобразился ради новой любви?

Svetlana Urazova, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Igor Nikolaev

Photo: Social networks

Almost two years ago, Mikhail Shufutinsky lost his wife, with whom he lived together for 44 years. The reasons why Margaret died, the actor hides. He is very grieved at the departure of a loved one, but around him there was the woman who helped him through all that grief.

Rumor has it that anybody approached with a member of his team, which is much younger than him. We are talking about the dancer Svetlana Urazova. Though singer has not officially confirmed their relationship with a young beauty, surrounded by a singer suspect them of having an affair. Most recently, Michael Z. was celebrating the 70th anniversary, which was attended by Svetlana. It is reported that she met the guests at the hostess house artist.

Mikhail Shufutinsky

Photo: @mikhail.shufutinsky Instagram

Anyway, anybody is now in his best form over the last few years. Thanks to the diet and the sport, he was able to lose 30 extra pounds! The singer in the program “You wouldn’t believe!” thanked for your transformation coach who picked the right sport mode. Successful weight loss, by the way, prompted the artist to change clothes. Now out of the scenes Michael Z. dressed in a youth style.