A good world of monsters and illustrations

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

Cute children illustrations and funny monsters handmade in the performance of Helen Linteris can not leave indifferent neither kids nor adults. Helen not only shares her inspiration with the readers of our portal, but also reveals some of the secrets that can be useful for beginners to the masters of handmade and illustrators. Go?

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

Tell us a little about yourself. Where and what he studied? Where do you live? When life appeared funny monsters?

I would characterize myself as a passionate person. In my spare time I’m busy favorite job, but this time quite a bit, since I’m already 3.5 years engaged in the raising of the little daughter. Concurrently, my right hand.

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

Since childhood I was fond of two things: drawing and sewing. If I don’t paint, so I sew, if I don’t sew, so I draw. With one and a half years I owned the clippers, suffered and curtains, and favorite sweatshirts sisters! But thank you parents for your patience, stole my desire for creativity.

As for drawing, I finished art school a long, long time, then was a College majoring in advertising, he in fact and gave me a big push in the freelance illustration, and then higher education at the Academy, is also majoring in advertising.

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

The monsters appeared while studying in College, around 2005, but as toys from 2013 haunt me!

I live in Siberia, cold, sometimes beautiful, but more cold Siberia.

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

Why monsters and not, say, bears and bunnies? How will the children react?

In the beginning there were the Bruins, but they were made for my daughter, and the couple as a gift. They seemed boring, and I decided to spice up their illustrations with monsters. And so were born my crank.

My Melk perfectly responds! When was made the first monster, Melk asked myself and a friend. The main objective of the game was well and far to fly. All the other kids who are interested in monsters, also react well and they are happy.

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

For you handmade and illustration full-time job or hobby? What are the trends similar?

Illustration has always been for me a full-time job, but again just freelance, only freedom. But dissapointed in the beginning was as a hobby, and later became and is now growing into a full-fledged job.

Relatives are happy for me, my favorite hobby is profitable, that’s great.

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

There is already a book (or planned in the future) with your pictures and story about your original monsters?

Books no, there are cards which are a success. In the future maybe will book.

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

What, in your opinion, causes people to buy things handmade? Because the stores are so crowded, and is handmade expensive factory stuff?

People buy handmade things, because it’s the personality, two of the same toy would never work, and the rest completely made by hand. People always like the exclusivity of knowing that only you have that.

Manual work is painstaking, thorough, done with the soul, is always appreciated, unlike the original, stamped, soulless. You know the feeling when you bought the thing, put it out on the street and met another man wearing the same clothes, uncomfortable to say the least. So how many would not be worth manual work, it will always have a demand.

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

Do you work on the individual order and if not, why not?

Was doing, but quickly stopped. The order delays the development, creativity stops time favorite turns into a hated. It is better to do what you like, your buyer is always there!

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

Repeat the coloring and decor of the monsters or all completely individual?

From the same fabric or fur I can make a few monsters, but they will all be different, even if superficially similar. If I like the material, 100% will be repeats.

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

How to sell your work? Only through the Internet or participate in off-line fairs? Use the services of major websites-stores like etsy, Fair Masters, etc.?

Sell through Instagram and Vkontakte. A couple of times participated in garage sales, but much success has not been, and to spend half a day at the fair to beg people to buy your work, it’s pointless. Although the cards were a success, the monsters still a specific product. At the Fair of Craftsmen was registered, but what would there to promote your product you need to invest money, I have another goal. On the Etsy account, I think, in the near future my work will appear there.

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

How much time and attention is given to the relations of his work on the Internet? What emphasize (certain social.network, website)?

A lot! I’m probably a perfectionist in this regard, everything must be perfect: photo quality, toys neat. For me it is very important description to the toy, if you have the inspiration, I can come up with a funny story about toy and, thereby, cheer up customers, but primarily, and myself.

Instagram is my favorite, I am particularly pleased that there are a lot of foreign customers.

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

Was there any funny or unusual story with the owners of your monsters?

Once she bought me a monster, she purchased it as a gift to her friend. After a while my friend writes to me and sends a photo of the monster, as he well live with it. Small world.

Are there any professional secrets when working? Special skills, tools or materials?

There are, then, they are secrets!

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

Did you have to deal with plagiarism of your work? Something to take in such cases?

Encountered more than once. No point to prove something, if a person has no conscience, imagination, there is nothing will help. Unfortunately, the cons of the Internet, all freely available. If you copy your work — it means your work become popular, it’s time to create something new.

Мир добрых монстриков и иллюстраций

Is there a dream to make some major or special project? Maybe to try myself in something new or open your own store?

There is such idea, but so far, no strength to implement it, or maybe just laziness. To hire assistants I don’t want, in the near future we’ll see.

What advice would you give to those who are just taking the first steps in handmade or illustrations?

Most importantly do not be afraid that you will tell other people, many people, so many opinions! Not looking for universal acceptance, there will always be a certain audience that will like your handmade. Always be yourself, write what you think, tell the truth, this is especially true of communication with customers. Don’t be afraid to set a price that you think is necessary. Try to work during the day, health is more expensive!

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