A friend of the husband of Nicole Kidman told about the dark past of Keith urban

Приятель мужа Николь Кидман рассказал о темном прошлом Кита Урбана
A friend and colleague of the singer told the shocking details.

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban


Rast, who was once a close friend and colleague of Keith urban released a book
his memoirs, which openly spoke about those years when he worked with
spouse Nicole Kidman. Buddies
speaking with the band The Ranch, as
admitted Vernon, spent almost all the time in a drugged fog. “Keith and
lived then in the Studio, and there hasn’t been a day that we were not “under
cocaine”. Keith spent it on other “performance enhancing drugs”, including heroin, without which
he just could not do, a lot of money.
So for one of the “spree” lasted for several days in a row, urban
paid over 300 thousand dollars. It
been a long time, but I am sure that the past still haunts the whale and once he
fall!” says Rast.

by the way, Vernon is not the first declares severe form of dependence, which
suffered husband Nicole. So, last year with a similar revelation was made by a
David Dobson, who claims that
was a drug dealer Urbana in the ‘ 90s. the Dependence of the whale, according to Dobson,
some point came to such a point that getting a new batch of “doping”, he’s not
could tide you over until you get home. “Keith asked me for permission
to use my bathroom and ran back, pulling out a lighter on the go to
prepare your dose…” said David. Dobson admitted: it is difficult
to believe that urban allegedly managed to end my addiction when
was the husband of Kidman. “I don’t know how she manages to keep him from his demons,
and how much longer he can hold out…” said Dobson.

in 2006, just
three months after her marriage to Kidman, urban broke again and quickly
reached such a state that it had to be put in the hospital. He took up the mind
only after Kidman gave him a categorical ultimatum. “You
you work on yourself, or it’s over between us!” — she said then. And
although this was the third time in eight years, when Keith had to solve their
problems with the help of doctors, since he seems to be, fails to comply with the terms
your agreement with my wife.