Why Andrei Mironov never married Natalia Fateeva

Почему Андрей Миронов так и не женился на Наталье Фатеевой
For a long time said that their romance was broken up by Natalya Kostinsky.

Andrei Mironov and Natalia Fateeva in the movie “Three plus two”

But actually there was another reason. Although the relationship of Andrei Mironov and Natalia Fateeva started it on the movie “Three plus two”, which as you know played and Natalia Kustinskaya.

“Kustinskaya Mironov
having met on the set, very
happy — since childhood they knew each other, we can say together
grew — says a friend of the actress Alexei Filippov. — Because Natasha’s father as yodeller, tap dancers performed with their parents
Andrew — Mironova and Menaker. Maybe that’s why fell in love Mironov, — then, by the way, completely unknown aspiring actor
(that “Three plus two” he, like the others, and glorify) — not in
Kostinsky, which was perceived as a friend, and Fateev… Shooting was to meet in the summer, but was delayed
until the end of November.”

Young, happy, in love with Andrei Mironov returned to Moscow with big plans for the future.

“As far as I
I know Andrew was going to marry Fateeva, continues Philip. — Here are all his dreams crashed in
the nines when they returned home. Natasha recalled: “Andrew
we were brought home to him, and Maria Vladimirovna with I was somewhere in the
the tour… Well, sitting at a table, talking. And here on the threshold of a mom
Andrew! Looked unkindly on Fateeva and said: “and this one here?
Come on, get out!” Andrew was the mother under his thumb, he not utter a word
dare. Fateeva jumped Kustinskaya also wanted to leave, but
Maria stopped her: “And you, Natasha, stay.” So
Fateeva all and broke up with Andrew, but someone then said:
Kostinsky. Actually — because of the domineering mother, whom Andrew not
dare to disobey”.

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