Anna Khilkevich due to family problems and turned to a psychic

Анна Хилькевич из-за проблем в семье обратилась к экстрасенсу
The actress was very frightened of what is happening at home.

Anna Khilkevich with her husband and daughter

Photo: Pauline Bertrand

Anna Khilkevich told that the last time they husband and I constantly have nightmares.

“It started when we rented an apartment on the Khodynka field, — says the actress. — And there are more than 100 years ago, there were terrible things in the ice Palace many people died… And as soon as we settled here, from the very first night I began to dream horrible dreams. As it turned out, Arthur too… I Have many friends who live on Khodynka field, and all
okay. But today I had a dream that I fed black
sausages, and before that — that my child someone attacks. We
invited the priest to sanctify the apartment. Then three weeks it was all
okay, now he’s started again. And you know, when I go at night to the child,
me some scary pictures there, I do not know
it is. If in the darkness some of the pieces are moving…”

Unable to bear the sleepless nights, the actress went to a psychic.

“And the psychic told me that it is necessary
to do: I have a long enough time sleeping on the pillow stuffed with buckwheat. But
it did not help… I used to try to unravel these dreams, read dream books — now abandoned.
We just try not to pay to this attention. Although it would be necessary
to try in the other room to sleep, in our bedroom
bad mojo? Because of Ariasa well sleep in his room.”

This is not the first time when the actress turns for advice to a specialist.

“The first time I went to a psychic when she divorced her ex-husband. I’m not 100 percent convinced of the correctness of his decision. I’m impulsive, I can say that going through a divorce, and then start to think. I don’t understand was what’s best for me. So I then decided to seek the advice of psychics. And all of me in one voice saying that if not now, then I still get divorced. And after some time, when the problems started, I went back for help… But I think the psychic interventions should be minimal. Some of the trouble it’s better just not to talk and not think. Because thoughts are material”.

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