87-летний Клинт Иствуд спровоцировал слух о своей помолвке
On the finger of a friend of the actor has appeared wedding ring.

Clint Eastwood and Christina sander


Clint Eastwood refuses to give in to old age. Although he had already
celebrated his 87th birthday, the veteran Hollywood continues to work — currently he takes off his 39th
account Director — film — The 5:17 to Paris. Moreover, he still maintains an active
personal life.

Recently Clint has pleased his fans when in a Network there
the information that he proposed to his friend, 52-year-old Christina Sander. This news
received indirect confirmation after Christine saw the ring
looks suspiciously like a wedding ring on the ring finger. However, friends of the actor was not too much
surprised at this turn of events. Eastwood repeatedly told them that he is happy
in Sanderau and wants to spend the rest of his days.

Recall that the novel Clint and Christina began three years ago,
when Eastwood was still technically married to
his wife number two is Dina Ruiz. And after in December of 2014 their
the divorce was finalized, sander settled in the house of the actor. However, this move
was not without problems.

The fact that to Christina, Clint had a brief affair with Erica
Slate, which, ironically, was the wife of the man
Ruiz Eastwood has changed. And Eric, who plans for Clint, didn’t want
to give place to the Sander. So that Christina could move the house
Eastwood, Eric had to sow almost with the police.