ВИДЕО: Надежда Бабкина готовит внука к школе
The famous singer personally gathered the boy in the first grade.

Nadezhda Babkina is preparing for two important
events in your life: the 6-year-old grandson George goes to school, and to start the
the new theater season in the theater “Russian song”, art
the head of which is Nadezhda Georgievna.

On the eve of Babkina, together with the senior grandson Gosha visited the Children’s world where
I purchased all the necessary supplies for school. The future first-graders
independently selected notebooks and pens, and Babkina gave him advice
and recommendations.

The first of September George is the student of the Lomonosov school, which
located in the village of Uspenskoe. Among students and graduates
Lomonosov school: the daughter of TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich, the daughter of TV host and
artist Alexander Tsekalo, the son of the singer Jasmine, nephew of singer Dmitry Malikov,
three kids TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, the son of singer Irina Dubtsova, three
children actress Ekaterina Klimova, the son of leading Anton Komolova, the son of actor
Valery Zolotukhin, and also the daughter of the singer of Glory.

The school is famous for its traditions and individual approach to every student.
And, importantly for parents goshi on school-site music
the school, which are teaching the teachers of the Moscow state Conservatory P. I.
Tchaikovsky and Russian Academy of music named. Gnesin. Ghosh has long proved
attraction to music and to each family prepares a feast of musical surprises.

And 7 Sep for Hope Babkina one more important in her life event theatre
“Russian song” opens the new theater season.

Nadezhda Babkina with her grandson George

Photo: personal archive of the singer