76-year-old Lyudmila Chursina told about a new love

76-летняя Людмила Чурсина рассказала о новой любви The actress made an unexpected confession. Lyudmila Chursina said that has a special passion for men of a certain profession. The artist made three visits to the marriage, constantly falls in love with members of the opposite sex.
76-летняя Людмила Чурсина рассказала о новой любви

Lyudmila Chursina is one of the most beautiful Actresses of the Soviet cinema, people’s artist of the Soviet Union. At the time, 76-year-old actress did not rebound from the fans-men, and she was constantly falling in love with their partners on stage and film. Lyudmila Chursina was married three times. Her last marriage to a diplomat Igor Andropov lasted four years, the couple separated in 1991.

Nevertheless, Lyudmila Chursina and in his venerable years, it continues to fall in love with men. But if it had been the representatives of the stronger sex, which drove her life and profession, then eventually that all changed, preferences have changed Actresses. Now Lyudmila admits that continues to fuel the passion and experience the love of men, but this is a different feeling to this new love of a woman who has chosen a deliberate isolation.

His passion Lyudmila Chursina told the host of the program “a Perfect repair” Natasha Barbier. While designers and architects were busy setting up a Studio apartment of the actress, she shared their revelations. Lyudmila Chursina style arrange their “odnushku”

76-летняя Людмила Чурсина рассказала о новой любви

“How old you feel and when you last fell?” – asked Natasha Barbier Cursino.

76-летняя Людмила Чурсина рассказала о новой любви“At the moment I feel 39 years and not one second more, – said Lyudmila. And fall constantly when the TV is smart, interesting man talking. And I’m so transfixed, I think: my God, what a pity that I only have two ears!”

Explained Lyudmila Chursina and your choice of a conscious loneliness. The actress believes that it is better to live alone than to pretend that all is well with a foreign spirit. In the first place Lyudmila Alekseevna has set for itself the welfare of the family of his dead sister.

“I have a nephew Alex, his wife Kate and two great-nieces Sasha seven years, and Nastya, she’s twelve. I love them very much and they are actually my granddaughters. When dad died, Alexei, and then mom, my sister, I took care of them. This is for me the meaning of life, it keeps me going, in addition to the roles and theatre. Get distracted and constantly consider to whom to cling, it’s not for me,” announced his position the people’s artist.