After the glory: like the stars of “House-2” became single mothers

После славы: как звезды «Дома-2» стали матерями-одиночками Star telestroke are an example for imitation and the object of adoration of millions of viewers, but in reality they have a lot of problems. Some celebrities are unable to save the marriage, therefore, are raising children alone. They have to be strong. Women who are trying to give the heirs the best.
После славы: как звезды «Дома-2» стали матерями-одиночками

The reality show “Dom-2” for many years, is one of the most popular programs of Russian television. The fall project is not known to anyone girls and boys, and leave him famous all over the country. Many of them the popularity of helps to succeed in life. Former members of telestroke toured around the world, conquer the peaks show business and reach great financial heights. However, not everyone is able to keep a mate, they meet in the program.

The feelings of the main characters, which originated in front of the whole country collapse like a house of cards, unable to withstand the first test. “StarHit” decided to tell about the stars of telestroke that after a divorce men have managed not to lose courage and to achieve success in your career. Ex-member, left without the support of the former spouses do everything possible to their children were not deprived of the attention and nothing needed.

To the nines: what was the end of the most scandalous breakups in the “House-2”

Elina Kamiren

A few years Elina met with the participant “House-2” Alexander by Zagajnovym. Viewers closely followed the development of their relationship, but the couple often conflictual. As told Kamiren “StarHit”, Zadoinov became less attentive when she realized that I am a woman. Is the celebrity smitten with feelings for the chosen one, when I was pregnant.

После славы: как звезды «Дома-2» стали матерями-одиночками

Despite the imminent birth of their first child, the couple was never married. Disagreements the couple has reached climax, but Sasha and Elina for some time was supported relationships for the sake of the child. The star of the show admitted that after the baby was born Zadoinov shifted to her, not only all the household chores for the care of the child, but to all material concerns. About a year young mother was paying for the apartment rent in the capital and a fully-contained daughter. At some point, her patience came to an end, and she went to court hoping to knock out the alimony. After that the celebrity unveiled on Instagram a document confirming that the heiress is her name, not the father.

Recently she has complained that Alexander had forgotten about his father’s debt for several months and not violenet obligations.

Elina Kamiren outraged denunciations of Alexander Zadoinov

“Sasha at the trial told him that I do not give to see the child. I am, of course, very surprised. It’s not true. It’s all horrible. I called him yesterday and asked: “Sasha, what kind of court?” He replied: “alimony”. Nothing more is said. And as for the fact that he would sweep the streets for all I care,” – said the star of the reality show “StarHit”.
После славы: как звезды «Дома-2» стали матерями-одиночками

A young mother has to work a lot to provide a decent life for myself and my daughter. Sometimes she is forced to leave Moscow to participate in the filming. But even a short separation from Sasha and Elina are given a hard time. A celebrity may entrust the heir to only their mother, who is always happy looking after granddaughter during a tour of his daughter.

После славы: как звезды «Дома-2» стали матерями-одиночками

Aliana Gobozova

Once on the TV show, Aliana immediately told the other guys about their views on life. The woman dreamed about Krakau family. Career, Hobbies and friends she takes the second place. The first time the participant had no luck with the guys on the show. However, when in “House-2” Alexander Gobozov come, Aliana melted. The guys immediately fall for each other.

После славы: как звезды «Дома-2» стали матерями-одиночками

Just a few months, the loving couple decided to legalize the relationship. In 2013 Alexander and Aliana were married, and soon they had a son Robert. They were so happy, they even left the project. In the reality show “Dom-2” couple only returned 2.5 months after the birth of our first son born.

But lightning broke out the passion as quickly and went out. Wife was was in the epicenter of scandals. Ongoing proceedings in front of the cameras and the hatred of mothers who also lived in the project did the trick. The couple broke up.

Today Aliana is raising a child. She did not seek maintenance, as dispersed peacefully with Alexander. The ex-spouse helps to babysit Robert while his mother is at work. Dad spends with the child a lot of time. Gobozov admitted that the boy was not deprived of attention of both parents. Alexander Gobozov about divorcing Allianoi: “I left her business and a car”

On the role of a single mother Aliana spoke candidly to fans. She said that all the hardships and difficulties, it helps to experience a two-year Robert. For the sake of the son of a woman willing to work seven days a week. Gobozova not afraid of experiments. So, for example, not having to endure the pain of parting with her ex-husband, she took part in beauty contest “Miss Russia”. To win the main award it did not happen, but a victory in two nominations “Mrs. Moscow-2017” and “Mrs. Fashion” she devoted son.

The kid helped the star to experience the greatest loss – the death of his mother, Svetlana Ustinenko, who died of cancer 14 Oct 2016. In those difficult days of the former participant of “House-2” admitted that does not know how to come back to life, but Robert and worrying about him helped the young woman to find the strength. Aliana says that it is not interested in money. In her opinion, the main thing – that the person was caring, attentive and wise. The star of the TV show has not met his mate. Aliana Gobozova starts a new life after separation from her husband

Olga Veter

One of the most famous ex-member of telestroke struggling to provide for her son with everything necessary. Recently she admitted she barely makes ends meet. In November 2016, the Wind won an apartment in the contest “man of the year”, but yet it is not moved. A woman takes shelter in Moscow, and independently handles all cases associated with raising a child. The heir to Misha, she said, the star of the project, often sick. Olga always ready to leave the first one for eight to ten hours. A few months ago a young mother has admitted that having to sit home with the baby, and the income she brings advertising in the microblog.

After the revelations of the Wind of the plight in which she found herself, hastened to speak out and the father of little Misha. Gleb Zhemchugov said that fulfilling all the obligations. The rapper did not solve financial issues with the former spouse through the courts. Im with Olga managed to come to a consensus. Gleb Zhemchugov: “Olga would not file for alimony after a divorce”

“The official component of alimony, in my opinion, is addressed only to those who do not love their children, and irresponsible to them. I will always help my son not some limited amount, and in whatever way I can. I will give the last, if need be,” said Pearl in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.

Olga the Wind is not willing to restore the relationship with her ex-husband. More recently it became known that celebrity a man appeared – a driving instructor Eugene Guzenko.

Eugene Feofilaktova

The novel Eugene with a member of the project Anton Gusev was turbulent and passionate. Two months after meeting they got married. However, nobody in their right mind would not come to accuse the lovers in a hurry or frivolity, after all, the “House-2” they were the most exemplary couple.

Fans followed the lives of celebrities in social networks, where WO were regularly posted pictures of. She told me about the diamond ring and the vows that they gave each other with her husband, and how the wedding my parents gave them the apartment. The woman shared photos of a wonderful son Daniel. It would seem that the tale would last forever. Today, however, Feofilaktova left with a child alone.

После славы: как звезды «Дома-2» стали матерями-одиночками

Former husband Eugene recently was preparing for a new wedding, with Victoria romanet. The celebration was canceled at the last moment. Feofilaktova and meanwhile devoted himself to his career. She’s not happy with family life and once confessed in an interview that more married is not going to. Member of telestroke said I didn’t love any of the men with whom she had relationships. And because now she’s focused on work. The financial life of a star in order: she continues to receive income through the social networks, has worked as a presenter, but this is not the intention always. Ex-member of the TV show said that he wants to go into politics. All my free time celebrity spends with the baby. Eugene Feofilaktova, “Anton moved his son six thousand”

Victoria Bonia

After the project “Dom-2” job offers began to pour in on Vick. But in personal life she is now not going smoothly. A few months ago, Bonia announced that broke up with Alex Servicom, which in 2012 gave birth to a daughter angelina Leticia. Unlike their colleagues in the TV show, Belle was not even married. And just recently, she explained why it happened. Vick admitted that he always wanted a big family and many children. And the chosen one, the son of an Irish billionaire, did not share her views.

“At some point we realized that we were going in different directions. I dream of a big family, I want the second and third child. One of the reasons for the separation was the reluctance of Alex now to have more children. His main priority at the moment – realize themselves in a career. And it’s important for me to realize myself as a mother. Alex and humanly really love each other, but not enough. And I’m happy that he was that man able to let go,” said star.

And the word Boni on the main purpose – motherhood is confirmed. On YouTube she keeps a vlog where he talked about the education of her daughter Angelina Letizia. She also gives advice on grooming and shows outfits from social events. Famous mother’s serious approach to the education of the heiress. From childhood, she instills the girl good habits, explains what is good and what is bad.

Apparently, Vick is not refusing from the plans to create a big family. And even if fate has not yet set her up with a man who also wanted to have many children, ex-member of “House-2” decided not to give up and to go to the cherished dream. She recently admitted that she wants to adopt a baby from the orphanage.

Leading confidently goes through life, not dwell on failures in love. As told to “StarHit” close to Vicki, she has no financial problems. Only one is in Instagram is from 150 thousand rubles per post. She makes three or four such entries a week. Even proposals that do not suit the star, she refuses. Just raises the price tag up to 300 thousand. And this is his explanation: Bonia wants to relocate with the child to a more spacious apartment in the center of Moscow, which wants to make itself.

Maria Odoevtseva

Maria was too long in the role of a single mother. On the show, she met with Sergei Odoevtseva. In February last year, a man and woman broke up. Fans were perplexed. Because of the growing General daughter Lisa. And even for her mom and dad are unable to reconcile.

Maria has already shown that it is not only strong-willed person, but a caring mother. Demonstrated it after a breakup with the father of the child. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” Mary admitted that all her time she gives to the education of the heiress, and chores only at night when baby is asleep.

Maria is one of the few participants “House-2”, who does not lead a glamorous life. To survive difficult times after breaking up with a loved one, to adequately raise a daughter and to meet a new love in my life helped her faith. After the project Odoevtseva turned to religion. Her “Instagram” is full of photos of churches and temples, during the service. Perhaps the spiritual path helped a woman to find harmony in a relationship. With Michael, she again felt happy. Today she is happily involved with raising not only his daughter, but also the girl new partner and constantly thanked in social media favorite for his care.

And ex-boyfriend Sergei Odoevtseva only recently realized that I had lost. Just a couple of months ago the man publicly admitted that much misses Mary and Lisa. He was posting previously unpublished pictures and touching to sign each of them. However, the desire to return family, which, incidentally, was not officially designed, not found response in the hearts of fans. On the contrary, fans began to denounce and to lecture the man. He was criticized for not have managed to preserve their happiness, and not married at the time, and now only reaping the fruits of their own stupidity.

Mary herself has not commented on the situation. Apparently, the star of “House-2” was finally on the same page of life and to return to the past is not going to. In July, the woman was married to a new partner.