70-year-old Vladimir Steklov showed two-month-baby

70-летний Владимир Стеклов показал двухмесячного ребенка The actor revealed the family secret. 70-year-old Vladimir Steklov became a father for the third time, his common-law wife gave birth to a girl. People’s artist first showed 2-month-old baby.
70-летний Владимир Стеклов показал двухмесячного ребенка

People’s artist of the country Vladimir Steklov January 3, noted 70-summer anniversary. He’s a little shy this round numbers and flirts, saying that it is irrelevant.

The best gift for the actor himself considers the birth of a third child. February 28, his civil wife Irina Deryagina gave birth to a girl called Arina. For Vladimir this child became the third.

Steklov was married three times. In my first marriage to actress Lyudmila Moshenskoy had a daughter Agrippina, who went in his parents ‘ footsteps and is now one of the most popular Actresses of theatre and cinema. The 45 year-old Agrippina, two children – native Daniel foster and Mary.

In a second marriage with the daughter of the artistic Director of theatre “Lenkom” mark Zakharov and Alexandra, Steklov children did not happen. But the third wife is a doctor-ophthalmologist Olga, Vladimir gave birth to another daughter, Glafira, she is now 19 years old.

Now the actor has three daughters, and the youngest little more than two months. In the program “the Stars aligned” Vladimir first showed the new baby and introduced the guests in the Studio with his chosen. Irina Deryagina financier from Irkutsk and under Steklov for 33 years. For 37-year-old beloved actor’s daughter Arina was the first and long-awaited child.

70-летний Владимир Стеклов показал двухмесячного ребенка“Irene’s first child, and she is happy, not frightened. We met through mutual friends, at first she was taken aback when I realized it is “courting major”, and then off we go. We’ve been together for two years… When I found out that Irina is pregnant, was in shock, he went to sleep in the kitchen. And now I feel to be a father at 70 years – scary! Think I may try one more time”, – said Vladimir Steklov.

70-летний Владимир Стеклов показал двухмесячного ребенка

Hosts of the show asked the newly-born the father of many children is very personal, and Vladimir, did not hesitate, replied: “Yes, conceived naturally”. Steklova it was not easy to admit adult daughters that they have a soon to be born sister. And he tried several times to hint, remembering Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. “I was thinking of a way to prepare senior to such news, and nothing better is not found as at the meetings to speak or write in message: “what a great playwright Chekhov”, I wanted to bring to the topic of the “Three sisters”. But no one guessed. And Glafira wrote: “Dad, are you the cherry orchard is bought?!” – said Vladimir Steklov.

The actor admits that children and grandchildren received the news with joy. But that has not stopped to surprise the audience and said that he was going to marry again.

“After the Ira gave birth to Arina, I said to myself – OK, let’s get married! While Irina is her maiden name. But the offer I’ve already done, though the ring is not bought. Said to her, “to decide, so to speak, within reasonable limits,” shared the actor.

Young mum Irina has also become a guest Studio. The bride-to-be 70-year-old Steklov admitted that I am impressed with her future husband, especially as he copes with a newborn daughter: “Volodya cope with my daughter much better than me. He bathes well, and I don’t even know how to do that, and diapers Volodya changes arine everything he does. I can leave my daughter at dad and leave and not have to worry”, – said Irina. Guests in the Studio program congratulated Vladimir and Irina and wished health and happiness of their daughter.