Сын бывшего мужа Маши Распутиной борется с ней за квартиру Alex is sure that the singer needs his family a decent amount of money. According to him, Masha Rasputina obliged to abandon the types of real property, after the divorce with Vladimir Yermakov, she received half of his property.
Сын бывшего мужа Маши Распутиной борется с ней за квартиру

In October last year, the first husband of Masha Rasputina died during the filming of one of the most popular programs. The man did not leave a will, so his apartment in the district of Tushino can claim son Alex and daughter Lida. The senior heir of Vladimir Ermakov confirmed that he leads the debate with a famous artist for the property.

“Good, she needs to do to keep up with this poor apartment in Tushino. When they divorced in 1998, Rasputin got half the money from the sold country cottage. Plus I have a receipt that it was due to the father either 200 or 250 thousand dollars”, – said Alexey in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.
Сын бывшего мужа Маши Распутиной борется с ней за квартиру

With her younger sister, the man met a few times. He never close did not communicate with Masha Rasputina, and now is not eager to talk to her. The heir Ermakova expected to manage a three-bedroom property, but now he will have to share with Lida. Talking to reporters, he said that the division of property is fair, from a legal point of view, but not an honest conscience.

Immediately after the death of his father, the man filed a statement on inheritance. But Lida has still not put forward their claims. According to Rasputina, her daughter is not able to dispose of the property, as suffering from a serious mental illness. That is why the artist hopes to rewrite the proportion in the apartment itself.

According to Alexey, he was already in touch with current spouse of the singer, and they allowed some financial issues.

“He called me, asked me what to do. I said that you need to divide the apartment in half. But if we divide it, then you need to cut it and the costs for utilities. There was a debt in four months, forty thousand. I’m twenty thrown, and the remaining receipts sent to them”, – said Alexey.

The man is sure that Rasputin was unfair to him, but her actions still conform to the letter of the law. The singer in the program “the Secret to a million” he noted that is not going to give up the fight for a share in the apartment. According to the artist, the treatment of her daughter leads requires considerable financial expenses, and selling real estate will help her to fill some of the cost.

Masha Rasputina is a very tough statement about the death of the former husband. She noted that Ermakov for years ruined her life and in the end, he got what he deserved. The actress is very happy that she was able to establish a relationship with his daughter. Now Lida is a special treatment in boarding houses and clinics, and the star tries to visit her every week.