Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно» The model and actress was one of the beauties competing for the heart of Yegor creed. Olga Lomakina frankly told “StarHit” about the behind the scenes romantic show of channel TNT, the intrigue on the project and relationships with other girls.
Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно»

For the past few weeks the viewers with tension watching Egor creed is looking for a bride for the filming of the Dating show “the Bachelor.” Among the candidates for the heart of stars was a 23-year-old Olga Lomakina from the city of Yelets. It so happened that she met the main character before the start of the project they were involved in is smartphone. Olga not only tries himself in the casting, but also participates in beauty pageants. Lomakin was one of 50 participating in the prestigious contest “Miss Russia”, the final of which was held this Saturday. The actress and model told the “StarHit” on the preparations for the important event, behind the scenes of “the Bachelor” and revealed the secret of her slim figure.

Tell us about the most romantic project on TV – “the Bachelor” on TNT? Do You feel comfortable be part of such a large-scale reality show?
Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно»When I went to project, depending on previous seasons, I already knew what was going to be in a true romantic tale. But still is a competitive environment therefore avoid any Klokov, quarrels, gossip.—
Why did You decide to participate in the contest “Miss Russia”? What did You feel when you found out that were in the finals?
Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно»At the contest “Miss Russia” I dreamed to visit since childhood. I liked to act, I was called beautiful, and I wanted to impress people and to prove something to myself. I not once wrote the organizers and was invited to the casting, but this year I decided to participate to the same age limit for the participants up to 23 years. “Was not was” – I thought! Moreover, it is better to do and regret than to regret not done.—
How about the other girls-finalists? Can it be said that during the preparation for the competition was strong competition?
Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно»Every girl from among the finalists I have the most warm feelings. I respect each of them because we all have our stories. I lovingly treat them. Was there strong competition? There is high competition but that the competition is between the girls – no. All 50 girls – one big family. All to each other friendly, no heels on the fingers does not occur. And for me it is the perfect setting. Even the organizers praised us, saying that we are educated and decent girls.—
What did you friends and relatives when I learned about Your decision to become a member of “the Bachelor” on TNT?
Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно»I have confirmed my participation in the project just a day before the filming of the project. I don’t have time to tell all your family and friends, knew just the one: mom and dad. But they supported me, said it was my choice and my life. Just advised to be careful and more attentive.

How did You react when you found out that “the Bachelor” was happening?
Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно»I accidentally found out about who will “the Bachelor” when he Packed up for the project. It happened by chance: my friends confided that a new hero will be Egor. But finally I was convinced only when I saw it from the limo.
What impression have You formed about Yegor Kride? How long you think Egor sincere with the participants?
Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно»Egor is a very good young man. In his 23 years he knows what he wants. Immediately noticeable that he is very kind to his work. The impression I have the most positive, it does not spoiled. If he is sincere with the participants? You know, I think that each of us plays in the life of their role – the role itself. So Egor project plays just this role, a genuine part of himself with every girl. He puts into Dating your soul, your fantasies, desires. And I’m very grateful for that. Because through communication and empathy we share our personal experiences.—
Network write that in the new “Bachelor,” as if Egor takes the participants to clean water. Do You agree with this statement? How much trust have You developed relationships with other contestants? Aren’t You afraid that someone of the girls You betray?
Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно»I think the saying “to expose” is too rude. Egor just wants to understand where the truth and a lie. Because when people lie and this lie POPs up, it is very painful. So just want to get rid of false people and to live in trust, truth and harmony. Am I afraid that someone of the girls will betray me? The environment that I formed the project, I trust, like yourself. And with those with whom I’m just thinking, ‘ I don’t reveal his soul and immerse in his life. There is neutral territory on which I allowed.

You will communicate with the other participants of “the Bachelor”?
Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно»I’m against hatred. I for good throughout the world. I am pleased to communicate and to sneak around with different girls and even to gossip “on the wave”. —
There were moments when you wanted to cry during the show?
Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно»Of course, there were moments like that. I believe that tears is a sign of weakness of a person. When you’re in a competitive environment, to show weakness is not good. I would even say dangerous. If I do it, then do it quietly. But a couple of times, tears could not hold back, and it went on the camera.—
You studied at the Institute on the specialty “expertise and real estate management”. What influenced your choice?
Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно»Yes, I studied at the Institute of Transport communications in the specialty “expertise and real estate management”. I originally came to Moscow to enroll in drama school. Because from childhood I had dream to be on stage, becoming an actress of theatre and cinema. Parents resisted for a long time, but realized that my yeleninskaya much that resistance is futile. And gave me this opportunity. But in drama school I did: I merged from the competition. And it was the last stage before admission. And my parents decided that I’m going to study in the UNIVERSITY that they want. Because a technical College and technical specialty – confidence in the future. And so I got into this profession.—
Why did you decide not to work in the profession and go into show business?
Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно»While training at the Institute, I went to auditions, went to the theatre, trying to get free modeling shoot. I was looking for an opportunity to do something which I really interested in doing and which brings me pleasure. And then one very good man helped me make the decision. He said: “Olga, if you want to do something – go and do it! Quit my job and do what you like!” That’s how I got into show business.—
Now all discuss the topic of harassment in show business. Have you ever had to deal with this? How to relate to girls who are talking about the abuse only years later?
Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно»I have not experienced this, so I can’t say anything.

Are you satisfied with your appearance? Allow the possibility that will be decided in the future to go to a plastic surgeon?
Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно»Yes, I am happy with my looks and accept myself for who I am. When I need to consult a plastic surgeon, then I might have to give some answer. But while change in itself, I don’t want anything, I was happy with everything. —
How do you keep yourself in shape?
Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно»I regularly visit the gym. Without proper nutrition a visit to the hall is pointless, so I try to stick to PP, but a couple days a week really want to sin and eat something sweet, tasty or nutritious. Plus I love massages and spas. I am no exception. So myself and keep in shape.

What kind of guys You are attracted to? How important to your profession and income of a potential partner?
Участница «Холостяка» Ольга Ломакина: «Если плачу, то незаметно»If we are talking about male beauty, is a relative term. I am attracted to romantic, self-confident men, well groomed men that know their worth. Naturally, such criteria are much more, so I can’t answer. But when you meet the right guy, you happy with it all! What is important is whether income chosen? Important, because for me it is important that the income of my men was as much as I do. He needs to feel the leader in our relationship at all. —
Know that You love extreme sports. Can you tell us more? There were such cases, when You seemed to be on the verge of death?
Unfortunately, since I lack the instinct of self-preservation J But, thank God, I have a very strong angel, and I’ve never been in such situations when I was on the brink between life and death. And lately, I began to appreciate my life, my time. Even the car began to drive more carefully.