62-year-old Lyubov Uspenskaya revealed the secret of youth

62-летняя Любовь Успенская раскрыла секрет молодости

The Queen of a chanson Love Uspensky her fans admire. Performer well groomed, charming, she looks young and fresh. It’s the fans of the assumption makes her jealous and also requested to disclose the secret of youth and the preservation of a perfect figure.

Love to keep secrets beauty not wanted and gladly shared them: “actually there is no secret. When a person is happy when he’s in the shower kind, sympathetic, warm-hearted, cheerful, he will never look bad. People are angry, suffering very old. There are people who have already finished 20 old, and is who in the 60’s hanging out until morning.

A good figure of the assumption required daily exercise. Every day for the love starts with Jogging and yoga: “the Day flies by, do not have time to notice. The food is exceptional, I eat cool. It’s hard to say what is not allowed, because sometimes they allow”.

Earlier, Lubov Uspenskaya faced with unscrupulous builders, which destroyed her house.