Обиженная Бритни Спирс поклялась больше не выступать на MTV VMA Awards

Statement by American singer Britney Spears at the MTV VMA Awards, held a few weeks ago, was brilliant, but the singer was so offended by the organizers of the ceremony that promised not to appear on this annual event.
Britney told friends she feels humiliated and insulted.

“Britney said she was very sad, because the producers have deceived her. They promised to make her the headliner of the show program and used her name for advertising, attracting the audience, but in fact it was them was beyoncé, which gave fifteen minute presentations in the middle of the show” — said the source and said that this is not the first time the organizers of the show so humiliated the actress – the first was in 2007, when after a series of scandals and Britney released their hit single “Gimme More”.
“She can’t believe they again lied to her. All surrounded by Britney was shocked by the appearance of Beyonce, no one knew that her performance will be the main event of the evening. Britney has vowed never to perform at the MTV VMA Awards” — said the insider. To a journalist’s question, is it true that the source said, the representative of Britney Spears said: “this is part of the truth”.