Из первых уст: как стать популярным блогером?

The Big Bite opens a series public talk with popular bloggers of different styles and ages. In this meeting everyone will be able to ask the question: how to collect 1 million followers on Instagram?

In the last few years bloggers have become the new media and opinion leaders, through their eyes we look at the cafeteria menu, news from the world of fashion and beauty events in the city and photos from different parts of the world.

In our modern world to be a blogger but not everyone can become really popular. And who knows, whether it is pampering or do serious work? Sometimes we wonder, how can a mere photo to collect as many likes or how someone’s video goes in the top view, but the answer to this question can only the author himself, won the love and attention of millions of people.

Those interested in the subject of blogging and the secrets of the popularity of individual accounts can ask their questions in the open Public Talk “How I became a blogger”.

7 September at 20.00 with fans and interest the blogosphere will meet ISA (@aizalovesam), fashion and lifestyle blogger, organizer of own store and the holder of a page in more than 1 million podpischikov.

ISA Anokhina promised to share with guests the history, what was the path to success and what difficulties can be encountered every aspiring blogger.

August 24 at 20.00 in Publiс Talk was attended by Anastasia Ivlieva (@_agentgirl_) – known video blogger who became famous among young people thanks to life videos filmed in comic form. At the moment Nastia 1.4 million followers on Instagram, the video gaining over a million hits.

Girls and men cosalc (hinted or not hinted at the gifts) __________ Mark friend what type of close to you? __________ @_agentgirl_ #_agentgirl_

Video posted by NASTYA IVLEVA (@_agentgirl_) Jul 14 2016 at 8:50 PM PDT

When: every 2 weeks.

Where: the Big Bite on Lesnaya street, 43.

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