В Монако прошел фестиваль «Русские гастрономические сезоны»

The beginning of velvet season on the Cote d’azur was marked by the seventh International festival “Russian gastronomic seasons” called “Love is on your plate”.

The gastronomic season of love opened the famous Cafe de Paris special menu based on aphrodisiacs from the chefs of Cafe de Paris Monte Carlo and Andrew Rostov from the Novikov restaurant Ritz Carlton Moscow.

The Central event of the festival was the gala evening on the terrace salon Bellevue Cafe de Paris. The event was permeated with the theme of love and its search. A romantic atmosphere was created by the group Dig It and the pianist Tatiana Merman.

The path to the “love” began for guests with a cocktail “Happy Dimonds” in the jewelry house of Chopard. He continued “Invitation to the voyage”, an exhibition of Italian photographer Nicola Savoretti in the salon Bellevue Cafe de Paris. The images were selected from hundreds of works of the author of his eponymous book, published in one of the oldest publishing houses in the world — Alinari in Florence.

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“Road to love” brought guests to the magnificent terrace overlooking the Casino square and the azure Mediterranean sea, where they waited for dinner, “Love on your plate”.

Menu based on aphrodisiacs consisted of four main dishes and several types of desserts: a delicate mini-sea bream tartare with green lemon and ginger, juicy colored tomatoes with crab, and sauteed eggplant with tomatoes and Basil, cod fillets with potatoes steamed, sautéed fennel and snow peas, and, finally, strawberry cake, sweets, and homemade Italian Gelato Gelatorino from Turin.

“This time the night was especially warm. Apparently, the theme of love added charm, interesting, piquant conversation, and gastronomy — as a great uniting different people and cultures factor made the evening delicious and filled with” – told the festival founder Natalia Marzoeva.1 /2

In the framework of the festival, held from 27 to 29 August, it was “menu in four hands” — a sign of the Commonwealth of Russian chefs and virtuoso Monegasque gastronomy scene.

The seasons continue the historical tradition of the late XIX — early XX century, when Russia and France took place the week of Haute cuisine that combines the culinary schools of the two countries. Among the guests of the festival were Anton Chekhov and Ivan Turgenev.Reborn a hundred years later, the Festival not only continues the tradition of Haute cuisine (haute cuisine), but also sets new standards in modern gastronomy, as an art form and today’s Russia is a symbiosis of various art forms.