Хлоя Морец после расставания с Бекхэмом берет творческий перерыв

The fact that Brooklyn Beckham broke up with Chloe Moretz in large measure “crippled”. Quick and easy to handle that the actress could not, because for a while I decided to disappear from the media space, as well as to refuse to work.

According to Chloe, who managed to record in your track record 55 movies, she needs time to understand why she came to this profession. Moretz believes that lost themselves due to the fact that recently starred mostly in films that are created for the sake of bringing profit: “I’m done with the movie, because I want to re-evaluate and re-find themselves in their roles. I realized that I can slow down”.

Note that so far we have Chloe in the near future will see, it will still work, however, is now producing two TV shows.