60-year-old Larisa Kopenkina ignites in a bikini

60-летняя Лариса Копенкина зажигает в бикини Ex-wife Prokhor Chaliapin relaxes in Vietnam. The temperature in this country is now about 30-40 degrees Celsius. To hide from the heat, Kopenkina many swims in the ocean. And in her spare time Larissa is actively photographed in skimpy swimwear.

      60-летняя Лариса Копенкина зажигает в бикини

      Like many stars of show business, Larisa Kopenkina went to the may bask on the beach. In search of the bright sun and positive emotions ex-wife Prokhor Chaliapin went to Vietnam, which is now about 30-40 degrees Celsius. Warm sea and white beaches — what else is needed for happiness. Happy with their vacation Kopenkina were quick to share photos with him on social networks.

      The greatest impact, of course, evoke images of 60-year-old Larisa Kopenkina in a bikini. Despite his age, entrepreneur and frequent guest of a popular talk show is not shy to show the figure to subscribers of their “Instagram”. For “hot” pictures on the background of the sea selects a celebrity swimsuits of bright colors with prints or decorations, and sunglasses — without them in Sunny Vietnam nowhere better to go.

      60-летняя Лариса Копенкина зажигает в бикини

      “The sea is calling, the wave sings, and I’m like no. Screw the view!”, — signed one of the pictures in a revealing swimsuit Kopenkina. Its publication caused positive emotions in followers that were happy with the optimism of Larissa. “Great! Larissa, where the rest?”, “Maybe there is good”, “Larissa, you are just super”, “Real, sincere, beautiful, bright, wonderful”, said Kopenkina.

      Another photo of myself in a public swimming outfit for four years provided the following ironic text: “Even piranha don’t eat me. Apparently, poisonous”. Fans ex-wife Chaliapin once again surprised the permanent good mood of a woman. After all, it is not concerned about any dangerous fish or the opinion of outsiders. “How nice to see such a happy and radiant positive person”, “Such beauty there is pity”, “Larissa, you are super, keep it up, well done, envy you”, — expressed their emotions subscribers Kopenkina.

      60-летняя Лариса Копенкина зажигает в бикини

      Even Larissa showed in his microblog, how she is splashing in the waters overseas. Unchanged sunglasses star of the TV show, by his own admission, washes away the dirt that now others will not be able to shower. She added: “I’m just enjoying life.”

      In addition, during the holidays four years tried popular Wellness massage in six hands, performed by several therapists. With the help of it you can not only improve their health but also a wonderful rest. The woman also’ve meditated on the beach, wandered around the local attractions were photographed and their background — in short, rest Kopenkina was a success.

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