Angelina Jolie appeared with a mentor from the British house of lords

У Анджелины Джоли появился наставник из Британской Палаты лордов

Rumours that Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie plans to go into politics, turned out to be not exaggerated. If you believe the Western media, Angie has acquired a powerful patron in the form of the Baroness of Arminco Helik, active member of the British house of lords, and is preparing to become a Governor.

Edition of UsWeekly, citing the words of insiders, reports that actress and Director who has recently moved to London with her husband Brad pitt and six children in February of this year, “preparing himself for a permanent cooperation with the British government”.
“The Louvre has pushed angelina to the decision on his political career. Angie sees her as his mentor,” — said the source.
The politician and the actress met in 2012, when Angelica was assistant Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain William Hague. This year they met at the conference on sexual violence in military conflicts. In September 2015, Angelina and the Louvre co-authored articles for The New York Times in which he appealed for peace with an appeal to help fleeing from the war to Syrian refugees.
Now that Jolie is preparing for a major political career, she spends a lot of time with his new girlfriend and they were close friends, even families. The source claims that Helik is a frequent guest in the house of Joliette, which they rent in London.

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