Wife of Sam Worthington would bear him a second child

Жена Сэма Уортингтона родит ему второго ребенка The star of “Avatar” and “clash of the titans again will become Pope, as reported by reliable sources from the inner circle of stars. According to some, the model Lara Bingle is now on the fifth month of pregnancy. In their interview the couple said that dreams about the birth of his daughter.

      Жена Сэма Уортингтона родит ему второго ребенка

      According to foreign media reports, Australian model Lara Bingle, wife of Hollywood actor Sam Worthington, is currently in her fifth month of pregnancy. About the interesting position 28-year-old beauty misleading checked the sources from the inner circle of stars. Say, Bingle flew to his home in Sydney to let them know the good news. On arrival in Australia she was unable to hide from the paparazzi, who managed to remove Bingle in loose clothes.

      Friends of the pair also told reporters that Sam and his wife have long planned to have a second child. They also always wanted to have their children there was not much difference in age.

      Most recently, Lara Bingle said in an interview that it is not against the birth of another child. She also shared what grows them with a Son one-year-old son rocket Zot, which came to light in March 2015. According to Lara, the boy is very headstrong and it’s difficult to make him eat what he wants. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the rocket horoscope — Aries. However the father of the baby — the real lion, so Sam Worthington can sometimes be even more stubborn than his baby.

      In addition, last month the couple once mentioned to reporters that he would like the completion of the family, and they dream of a daughter. Sam and Lara, by his own admission, wish to become parents. The spouses do not exclude the possibility that in the future they will have a few kids, maybe even four. At least, that this figure is called in conversation with media representatives, Worthington.

      Lara Bingle is the founder of the line tanning solutions and bronzers The Base. She married the star of the film “Avatar” Sam Worthington in December 2014. They dated for a year before decided to consolidate their relationship. The ceremony was very modest and was held in Melbourne. It was attended by only the closest friends of the couple. The stars decided not to draw public attention to this event and did everything secretly as possible. Moreover, they are almost a year kept it a secret about marriage actor and model became known only in October 2015.

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