“6”: which stars went on to conquer the mentors of the new season

«Голос-6»: кто из звезд отправился покорять наставников нового сезона Tonight kicks off a popular TV show. In the first four editions, the jury of the show “the Voice” will begin to form a team of strong singers. “StarHit” found out which celebrities have decided to try their hand.
«Голос-6»: кто из звезд отправился покорять наставников нового сезона

Today at 21.30, the First channel starts the popular TV show “the Voice.” In the sixth season of the chair mentors took Leonid Agutin, Alexander Gradsky, Pelageya and Dima Bilan. Viewers look forward to the airing of the program to see who will be able to surprise them with his talent, and the judges were glad to see each other.

As Pelagia was lost to a new “Voice”

«Голос-6»: кто из звезд отправился покорять наставников нового сезона“The success of “the Voice” is improvisation, the work of the contestants, the work of editors and mentors, of course. I mean the first part of the mentors. When “the Voice” came Polina Gagarina, Grisha Leps and Basta, it was great cute but they weren’t right for each other. It’s like the clock where there are different gears. If they fit, bit of a walk. In the first part of the came. We people are very different, but were able to interact, to support each other. The owners of the format was trying to impose on us the screenwriting role. Nothing came of it. We know what is good and what is bad, and how to behave”, – told the “StarHit” Alexander Gradsky.
«Голос-6»: кто из звезд отправился покорять наставников нового сезона

In the blind auditions appeared widely known by the public actors. This season to try their luck decided ex-participant of “factory of stars” Arseny Borodin. Despite the fact that he spent several years successfully played in the group “Chelsea” and winner of other music competitions, the contractor found it necessary to appear in “the Voice.” The singer admitted that he had to interrupt a tour in order to come to a casting project. “Star factory 6” a decade later: the vivid memories of the participants

“To be honest, I’ve been thinking about it. Show “the Voice” – the most rating on television, therefore here it is possible to assert themselves. All other projects in which I participated, were connected with the team and not me personally. Now I grew up, I want to inspire with their performances and surprise the audience”, – said Arseniy “StarHit”.

Another ex-“horseshoe” who went on “the Voice” became Yuri Titov. The contractor before trying to get into music projects to bring back the glory, which he received after the release of the song “Pretend” in 2004. Ex-industrialist Jura Titov: “My heart is still free”

“All the seasons except the fifth, I was at the casting – says Titov. – Not that kind to anyone of the mentors would like to get all cool with the name. I only think about how to do your best speech”.

The star of “heads and tails. Shopping” Anton Lavrentiev is also not new in the Russian show-business. He regularly gives concerts, and his videos get a huge number of views. Despite its popularity, the young man decided along with all appeared behind the mentors of “the Voice”.

«Голос-6»: кто из звезд отправился покорять наставников нового сезона“This is the best project in our country, I wanted to get here, but was not successful. This year for the first time sent an application, – admitted Anton “StarHit”. For me, first and foremost, this competition is a challenge to myself. And besides, to learn from such professionals is well worth it. I dream to go to Leonid Agutin”.

To conquer show “the Voice” went not only professional musicians but also famous actors. Artist Yang GE became popular through the work in “Gogol-center”, and after the release of the film “Crew”. A celebrity now intends to conquer the Russian show business.

“I’m not a singer, I’m an actress. Love to sing – confessed Yan GE. – I have eight years living in Russia, he studied at VGIK. Russian language is very difficult for me.”

Also, the casting was a daughter of the honored artist of Georgia AI Ninidze Nino. 26-year-old heiress of the famous names followed in the footsteps of mom, but decided to try his luck in the musical field. Despite the fact that a year and a half ago, she gave spouse Cyril Pletnev son, she manages to juggle filming, raising a child, she is not afraid to take on new projects.

“Cyril was the initiator of that I sent a request, it happened with the feed. I wanted to go last year, but by the time I had to go on stage, the teams are formed. Cyril is here now supporting me. He said, “You’re the Queen!” is very capacious, admitted Nino “StarHit”. – I had the idea to create a group, but I don’t want to sing other people’s songs, and work on his music. I understand that if one has several vectors, then it needs to use them and implement”.

Honored artist of Russia Nina Shatskaya also decided to stand in front of the mentors. A singer of ballads and jazz compositions were not afraid to speak along with the young artists. She told me that she once refused to take singing lessons, Alexander Gradsky, and last season one of the team members of Dima Bilan sang the song from her repertoire.

Singer Yulia Plaksina channel viewers know to participate in the show “victorious.” On account of its popular competition “New wave”, the “Main stage” and Ukrainian project “X-factor”. However, it did not deprive the attention and the next selection “Voice.”

“I love to feel when I get onstage and can’t live without it. Of little interest to me that the jury sitting with his back to me, for me the buzz, if you will be sing people. Winning isn’t important, I have goals, objectives, and competition as an extra nice bonus. I’m glad there are,” admitted Julia “StarHit”.

Fans of the show “the Voice” I remember one of the most prominent member of the second season Nargiz Zakirov. Now the song artist heard on the radio, and the clips appear in rotation on major music channels. Her husband, the Italian Philip Balzano, decided to follow the example of his wife, and also appeared before the celebrity judges. The ex-spouse Nargiz Zakirova: “She knows that I want to get into “the Voice”

“I watched the previous seasons, especially, my wife was one of the participants. I could not arrive earlier, as the youngest daughter was little, and now she’s 18. Here I feel comfortable. The project came very strong vocalists. I want to make a team to Pelageya, I like her performance,” – said Balzano “StarHit”.

For four weeks, dozens of singers will be in the Studio filming the show “Voice”. Each of the members of the jury will gather a team of 14 people, and in December, after the audience vote and jury will decide the winner of the project.