Tatyana Larina about the divorce: “I buried the past life”

Татьяна Ларина о разводе: «Я хороню прошлую жизнь» A participant of the program “Diary of psychic” on channel TV-3 has confirmed that broke up with her partner Julius Mydevice-Dalecki. During the conversation with fans of Tatyana Larina noted that are not yet ready to share details about the breakup with her lover.
Татьяна Ларина о разводе: «Я хороню прошлую жизнь»

At the end of August “StarHit” first wrote about the fact that a participant of the program “Diary of psychic” on channel TV-3’s divorcing her husband Julius Mydevice-Dalecki. The former lovers broke their relationship in the last day of summer in one of the salons of St. Petersburg.

On the official website of the clairvoyant in “Vkontakte” appeared the video, which she first commented on the breakup with Mydevices-Dalecki, answering questions from fans. Tatiana confirmed that indeed no longer with Julius.

“I decided to wear all black, because they bury his past life. That is, I have it divided into “before” and “after”. (…) I can’t say that I am very upset. No matter what anyone wanted, everyone would still get a divorce. Love for life does not exist… In Christianity there is monogamy, and it’s wrong. Man is an animal he can’t live with one person. Stories about love to the grave – not true, because the physics still works,” said the woman.

Fans of Tatiana asked her about the reasons of parting with Julius. Psychic admitted that he is not ready to speak on this subject. “I just want to divorce”, – said the psychic. She also announced the release of the video on his YouTube channel. Larin said it plans to highlight a concern for her fans.

“It would be much more interesting than it is now. Guys, I appreciate you so much and you support me. I can’t say that I feel very bad. Recently, I analyzed a lot and learned a lot. I’m not offended. What is meant to happen it will happen,” shared Tatiana.

During the conversation with the users of social networks Larina also admitted that she has one friend, but tell me more about it the woman does not intend. Psychic prefers to hide the second half from the excessive public attention.

As soon as Tatyana Larina will receive a divorce certificate, she plans to show his fans. Clairvoyant is going to celebrate the beginning of a new stage in life.

“Why a divorce? You know, in Soviet times there was a COP that did not get along. Here let is be so,” the woman added.

Recall that important event in the life of Tatyana Larina became known. Surrounded by former contestants of the show “battle of psychics” told “StarHit” that he and Julius were arguing regularly, and then reconciled. “But in recent times the conflict was so strong that the guys realized that they can’t exist with each other and departed. Tanya is a very emotional person with a complex character,” shared the insider.