Son of Catherine, iftode claim a fabulous inheritance of Boris Nemtsov

Сын Екатерины Ифтоди претендует на баснословное наследство Бориса Немцова The deceased politician was found the baby’s father. Despite the refusal of the first instance court, Catherine iftode continued to fight and now won the case. Woman is glad that she was able to prove that the little Bob – child of Boris Nemtsov.
Сын Екатерины Ифтоди претендует на баснословное наследство Бориса Немцова

Two years ago, the whole country is shocked with a high-profile murder of politician Boris Nemtsov. Man shot dead in Central Moscow. After the tragic death of the man started a war for his legacy. As you know, the Germans were a wealthy man, but because nobody wanted to lose the right to enjoy the benefits that he earned during his lifetime.

Last year Catherine iftode decided not to hide the child she gave birth to a famous politician. She appealed to the court demanding to recognize the boy as one of the heirs of Boris Nemtsov. However, the first hearing, the woman lost – the judges found no evidence of relationship between a man and a little boy. Today it became known that the case was sent for retrial. A crucial role was played by the result of genetic examination, which confirmed the paternity of Nemtsov. The court had to recognize the legitimacy of the claims of the plaintiff.

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“The right decision, all right. All sufferings, the struggle for justice, and she continues,” – said Iftodi reporters.
Сын Екатерины Ифтоди претендует на баснословное наследство Бориса Немцова

Now the boy can claim part of the inheritance of Boris Nemtsov. The politician managed to earn quite a fortune, which was estimated at millions of rubles. This year it became known that the sale was exhibited apartment of goldeyes. It is located in the heart of the capital, two steps away from the metro station “Tretyakov.” Elite housing is estimated at 80 million rubles. Luxury apartment of Boris Nemtsov sell for 80 million

“Duplex apartment in the historical center of Moscow overlooking the Kremlin. The layout includes two bedrooms, office, kitchen-living room and winter garden, three bathrooms, a large utility room. Repair in a classic style. Two Parking spaces in a protected area. Monolith-brick eight-story building in Zamoskvorechye built in 1997,” the reported on-site sale of real estate.

As reported Agency city news “Moscow”, the lawsuit about the recognition of the small Bori son policy were held behind closed doors. The defendants in the civil case are the children of Boris Nemtsov, and two common-law wife. Daughter Jeanne is the successor to the only official wife Raisa Nemcova, and Anton and Dina were born from TV presenter Catherine Odintsov, with which the Germans had lived in a civil marriage. The politician also acknowledged the Sophia that was born from the Secretary Irina Koroleva. The legacy of Boris Nemtsov are trying to divide peacefully