50-летняя Яна Поплавская мечтает о ребёнке от молодого жениха

Radio host Evgeny Yakovlev, the civil husband of the famous actress Yana Poplavskaya, told in candid interviews about their plans for the future together. In my 50 star of the beloved Soviet children’s film “the adventures of little red riding hood” looks great. Even though she doesn’t often withdrawn, but leading his column, is often the guest of the show and has two sons born in the previous marriage with Sergei Gainsbourg, with whom she split after 25 years of marriage.

Beauty Jan long been one. It is not surprising that such a bright woman drew the attention of men younger. New choice Poplavskaya example – Eugene 12 years younger than his lover, however, this does not prevent them to make plans for the future and even to think about children.
Recently in mass media the information appeared as if Ian is expecting a child, but Eugene denied this news, saying that while they only dream about children, but these plans are in the near future, but for now they are preparing for the wedding celebration.
“We are planning a beautiful wedding celebration, you just have to do. But that resolved the issue. And honeymoon too. I like to make surprises,” said Eugene. For two years they lived together in the apartment of Jana along with her youngest son Nikita. Eugene also has a five year old daughter, born in the previous marriage. In order to avoid rumors, Yakovlev immediately made a reservation that the novel Yana was not the cause of divorce.