Калифорнийское ранчо звезды сериала «Теория большого взрыва» Джонни Галэки сгорело дотла

As reported by the Western media, johnny Galecki, star of the popular series “the big Bang Theory”, grieving for a lost California ranch of one thousand acres, burnt-on Monday June 26.

Now the heartbroken artist is located in San Luis Obispo, a nearby city, and is already in a daze from the conflagration. It is reported that on the territory of the ranch was not only a large residential house and many other buildings. Fortunately, being at the ranch people had time to evacuate, and none of them was hurt.
The artist has commented on the incident, and his voice sounded notes of optimism.
“My thoughts and heart is with all who, like me, suffered from the fire. We are in constant threat, but even so, we love our rural life.
Close people have taught me that when the smoke clears – literally and allegorically – we have re-started, and it brings us together and makes us stronger” — said the actor.

Recall that the area of the fires in California increased to 40 hectares. Firefighters evacuate people EN masse, is liquidation of fire, complex abnormal heat, strong winds and lack of rain.