Супруг Иды Лоло ушел в декрет, чтобы избежать увольнения The Director of the Novosibirsk theatre not appears there for three months. The wife of Vladimir Kekhman gave birth to a baby at the end of April this year. He wrote a letter and took a leave of absence for child care for three years. According to the Deputy Natalia Pinus, the man made the decision that he was not fired.
Супруг Иды Лоло ушел в декрет, чтобы избежать увольнения

In April this year, socialite IDA Lolo and the Director of the Novosibirsk Opera and ballet theatre Vladimir Kekhman had a baby. The family keeps secret the details of his personal life. Social networks Are often asking about the baby, but she remained silent. The woman even tells the name and gender of the child.

In turn, Kekhman decided to devote time to the upbringing of the heir. The man wrote the application for leave to care for a child. Many representatives of the Novosibirsk authorities have considered the decision of Mr suspicious. The acting Director was appointed by Snezhana Lubar, the former regional personnel Manager of the brewing company. Deputy Natalia Pinus left post on the page in a social network in which he expressed surprise about the fact that Kekhman was released in the decree. She later told reporters that asked the details of the situation many workers theatre.

“I’m not going to name names, so as not to put people in a difficult position. The first time I heard about it three days ago. And yesterday from the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation it became known that such a situation is the place to be. In addition, the information that Vladimir Kekhman married, and recently had his baby, was covered in some media. Turns out, it is even more convenient with this situation. Because if a person has leave to care for a child, it is quite difficult to dismiss,” said the woman.
Супруг Иды Лоло ушел в декрет, чтобы избежать увольнения

We will remind, Vladimir Kekhman, who is the head of JFC group was declared bankrupt at the suit of the savings Bank in June 2016. At the moment there is a sale of its assets. Gold cufflinks the Director of the theater went under the hammer for 70 thousand rubles, and the icon of St. Nicholas – for 115 thousand. According to Russian legislation, after the completion of the bankruptcy procedure, the debtor may not hold management positions within three years. However Kekhman has tried to avoid such circumstances, and therefore went on vacation. By the way, the responsibilities he has entrusted tested face.

“In fact, Kekhman through the Lobar S. will continue to manage the theatre, it was his people…” she added, Pinus.

In the Novosibirsk theatre of Opera and ballet information about the appointment of women is not confirmed. In an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the press officer Viktor Titov said that is in constant contact with Kekhman.

“I’m with Mr Abramovich in constant communication, I’m talking to him, texting and so on. I don’t know where Pinus such information, contact her,” said assistant public relations Director General of Novatus.

Judging by the pictures in Instagram wife Kekhman, IDA Lolo, they travel through Europe. In may, the pair visited Munich, and then rested on the Cote d’azur. Many are wondering how much money the husband and wife do this tour. “Apparently, he or citizenship, or residence permit there. Would otherwise have to return after three months at home,” “he’s Got real estate”, “Kekhman – competent Manager and may put the work and don’t even breathe in the wrong direction”, and discussed the situation in the Network.