50 Cent criticized the new album JAY-Z

50 Cent раскритиковал новый альбом ДЖЕЙ-ЗИ

Yesterday, we reported that American rapper Snoop Dogg left a positive feedback about the new album, his colleague and longtime friend JAY-Z’s “4:44”, however, he had to illegally download a record. Snoop left on his page a video message in which he praised JAY for the work done. And here is another friend of the rapper was not happy with creativity wife Beyonce. We are talking about the rapper 50 Cent.

On his page in Instagram Curtis Jackson (real name of 50 Cent), posted a video detailing his thoughts about the new album counterparts. According to Curtis, this album is a lot worse released in 2013, “Holy Grail”.
“I listened to new de..mo of JAY-Z’s “4:44”. At first I thought it sounds good, but my God! – it is too smart. I felt as if I glasses, tie and a fucking sweater. If I would have been in the League for blue ivy, his mother.
Who wants to hear it de..mo? No one will want! Love just want to relax. Hell, at 47 you can’t be the best rapper, because there is a new and more talented guys, and the fact that I just listened to this music for a game of Golf,” said 50 Cent, and laughed.
By the way, the name “4:44” the album received due to the fact that the main the same song JAY-Z wrote, waking up at night at a specified time.
“This is the title track, because it’s a very powerful song. I just believe that she is one of my best songs I ever wrote,” said JAY-Z.