Элтон Джон не смог приземлиться в Гамбурге из-за саммита G20

The famous British singer sir Elton John was refused permission to land in Hamburg because of the G20 summit. The contractor was forced to cancel his speech. scheduled for June 8th.
According to local newspaper the Süddeutsche Zeitung that city authorities were forced to deny the eminent artist in planting because of security measures. During the summit the city will come Chapter 20 States, and their safety was more important than dissatisfaction with the British singer.

The organizers of the performance were hoping that the concert will still take place, but there was too much uncertainty and not to let the audience at the last moment, they thought it best to cancel the performance.
Representative John already told the upset public that the perpetrator regrets disrupted the concert.
“I would like to apologize to all his fans for the trouble,” — quoted the representative of the musician.
Recall that Elton is now in a small round Wonderful Crazy Night. In a speech in Hamburg has sold over 10 thousand tickets, but viewers will have to wait till 5 Dec to see John on the local scene.