Про Ждуна снимут российский мультипликационный фильм

Idun becomes the hero of the animated film. According to the publication of Lehrte. Ru, a Russian company CD Land acquired from the Dutch artist Margriet van Brefort right to use “Iduna” on the territory of Russia and CIS. This was reported by Yuri Zeitlin, who served as President of the company. He told me that one of the main commercial animation companies they have acquired the rights to film the animated series with Zdoom. The so-called Homunculus sculpture Loxodontus, which last year created the above named artist. A fictional character – a hybrid of elephant and insect — symbolizes all of the pending appointment with the doctor patients.

“We’re different to large companies to license the image of Iduna for the production of consumer goods and advertising. Several companies under this brand will do the dishes, toys, office,” — said the President of the company and added that all the beloved character created by Brevort, even has a videoblog.
After completing the relevant procedures, Iduna register in Rospatent as the trademark “EDUN”.