Татьяна Овсиенко не хочет идти в ЗАГС

In the life of the famous Russian singer Tatyana Ovsienko has entered a new, and hopefully happy phase. Celebrity finally waited for the release from prison of his beloved Alexandra Merkulova. and now intensively preparing for family life. At the same time, Tatiana said that to go to the registry office she did not want to.

According to Ovsienko, she believes that a wedding is much more important than a banal marriage. First Tatiana wanted to go with a lover home, and to be married in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, where Ovsiyenko is a spiritual mentor, but now it’s impossible due to strained relations between Russia and Ukraine.
“I recently went to the Tolga women’s monastery, it stands on the banks of the Volga in the Yaroslavl region. Was obedience, communicated with the abbess Barbara. We’re getting married there. And to go to the registry office doesn’t want to. I will ask his spiritual father, that we were allowed to pass the sacrament without a stamp in the passport” — has told about plans Tatiana.
Ovsienko and Merkulov have turned to family friend and was asked to be a witness at the wedding. Before the wedding the couple must go through the rite of confession, and the future husband of Tatiana for the first time will participate in it.
“Sasha will go to the hermit, who for many years lives in a cave near Ryazan. This man also spent sometime in jail, but then came to God, leads a modest, solitary life. We were amazed by his story,” said Tatiana.
Engagement lovers just said in a live TV show of Andrei Malakhov. There Merkulov got down on one knee and properly asked Tatiana to be his wife. Of course, she said Yes. Future husband admitted that he wanted to make his beloved his wife and was twice proposed to her on one knee stood up and asked the blessing of his mother.
“I want a beautiful celebration, white dress,” said Merkulov.
We will remind that Alexander was accused of organizing the contract killing of a businessman Sergei Vasiliev, and was sentenced to four years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony of strict regime. Three and a half years the man spent in prison and the Matrosskaya Tishina prison, he had to stay for another six months.