5-летнего сына Плющенко и Рудковской проверили на детекторе лжи
Sasha Plushenko told the whole truth about his life.

Photo: Instagram

Evgeny Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya persevere to make his younger son a star. 5-year-old Sasha stands on ice has appeared in fashion magazines, and now becomes a television star.

The boy took part in the new show of the First channel under the name “Saw video”. Heroes of transfer — the authors and characters popular videos on the world wide web. Two permanent sections of the project will always take part of a star. One of the first “Helmet of truth” tried on Sasha Plushenko, that is, the child passed the test on the lie detector. Help him in this Dmitriy Shepelev, the permanent host of the show “really” on the First channel.

Transfer with Sasha will be released next week. Then the public will know and, if satisfied with his life Plushenko Jr. So if he really likes to skate on the ice to pose for fashion photographers for the covers of fashion publications and maintain a secular lifestyle in a time when his peers, including such well-known families, just enjoying the games.

“Sanya has become one of the main characters of the transfer and took part in the survey, “Helmet of Truth” — children’s adult counterpart “lie Detector” look, it will be very funny!” — promised Yana Rudkovskaya.