Алексей Гуськов подрался с Романом Курцыным
Actors arranged sparring in a public place.

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Famous actor Alexei Guskov was suddenly forced to take a simple animator. Now the artist instead of the command “Stop! Removed” hears the noise of the crowd and the screaming fans, as it works in a historical theme Park, playing the role of a Roman legionary.

New post Guskov acts on the nerves, and this is understandable. Because every day under the scorching sun in heavy armor he is forced to fight with other players. However, it is a way to let off steam. After a quarrel with the star of “the Ship” Roman Korzinin, Alex, taking advantage of the situation, from the heart namyali counterpart side to the Roman arena. The plot, more like a nightmare, fortunately, takes place not in life, and on the set of the painting “the Eternal life of Alexander hristoforov” where Andrei is not only starring, but is also a producer of the film.

The plot of the film, which will premiere on 18 October 2018 in Moscow, talks about the once popular actor, but for now just playing the role of a Roman legionary in a resort attraction, Alexander Hristoforov that lives one day. The only son refuses to meet his ex-wife considers dangerous to society, the medical diagnosis leaves no hope. But one day Fate does him a gift in the form of the woman and the chance to change.

Roman Curtin and Alexei Guskov