49-year-old Janet Jackson is preparing to give birth for the first time

49-летняя Джанет Джексон готовится впервые родить The first time the singer will become a mother. 49-year-old star has cancelled all tours and concerts in support of the album “Unbreakable”, as the doctors recommended her to take care of their health to make the pregnancy passed without problems, and the baby was born healthy.

      49-летняя Джанет Джексон готовится впервые родить

      49-year-old Janet Jackson for the first time will become a mother. This joyful news was announced by the singer herself during one of the concerts. Prior to that, the Internet is just rumors about a possible interesting position of the singer, and some sources wrote that she was even willing to adopt children.

      In April, the star has already hinted at the fact that she and her husband have a child can be born.

      “In my life occurred an important change, and I want you to know about it first. My husband and I are planning a family. And now I’m forced for this reason to postpone its European tour. The doctors recommended that I get plenty of rest. Please try to understand me, for me, what is happening now is incredibly important. But I haven’t forgotten you, I will continue the tour as soon as the opportunity arises!” – Janet wrote in his Twitter.

      49-летняя Джанет Джексон готовится впервые родить

      By the way, this is not the first time a tour is canceled, “Unbreakable”, dedicated to the exit eleventh Studio album. In winter all was a shock to the news that Jackson has postponed the tour due to serious illness. Health problems began at the singer in summer 2015. According to media reports, the singer found signs of cancer of the larynx, so it was necessary to urgently carry out the operation. Younger sister of Michael Jackson has passed a special examination in the clinic. Fortunately, information about the malignant tumor was not confirmed.

      Janet Jackson in secret combined bonds of marriage with current husband, a millionaire from Qatar, Wissam al-Mana in 2012. Foreign tabloids then suggested that a celebration was spent a huge amount of money later, however, Jackson has denied such speculation. According to her, the wedding ceremony took place quietly and modestly. As wedding gifts the couple gave each other donations for the children. Rumor has it that for the sake of his beloved Janet even had to lose weight. According to her, she followed the diet based on the consumption of foods with a low glycemic index.

      Prior to this, the star, may 16, which will be 50 years old, was married two more times: James Debarge and Rene Elizondo Jr. However, with none of the men she could not have children.

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