Pelagia suffered from unrequited love for a dancer

Пелагея страдала от несчастной любви к танцору Classmates singer spoke about her first boyfriend, and fraud assessments. As it turned out, during the school years, the actress got good grades, largely due to the singing, and to courting other was cold because of unrequited love for another.

      Пелагея страдала от несчастной любви к танцору

      To Moscow from Novosibirsk, the singer’s family moved in 1996, at the time she was 10 years old. Pelageya gave to school №1113 with special musical and choreographic bias. However, after ninth grade, the future star started studying externally. Because of the frequent speeches and traveling the girl didn’t manage to get even close friends. Classmate of the singer Anastasia Savinova and Catherine Dragoon told “StarHit” that Pelagia I got a’s in biology is not for knowledge but for the ability to sing beautifully. The young star has collected money in a hat in the Park and boasted of the photos from the reception at Boris Yeltsin.

      “I’m not Pasha, I the Field!”

      A little plump, with a lush MOP of blonde hair, which she wore in a braid or gathered in a ponytail, modest in the classroom, and naughty smiley face at the change – such pelage Hanowa remember most of my classmates. “Field, as it was called in the class, nothing stood out among their peers, we were all unusual creative person, – shares with “StarHit” Anastasia Savinova. – But especially from the Poly was enthusiastic biology teacher Tatiana Pavlovna. Remember, in eighth grade, she made annual estimates, and Hanaway was controversial, between four and five. The teacher said with a smile: “Sing – put “excellent”. Fields are not confused – sang a Cappella folk “Ljubo, brothers, Ljubo”. She was sitting on the second Desk behind me – it was at that moment I realized what her still strong voice! It is strange that the whole school came running… of course, she got five.”

      Пелагея страдала от несчастной любви к танцору

      But the math teacher Sergei Nikiforovich long could not get used to the unusual names girls. “For some reason he decided that Pelagia will be abbreviated as Pasa continues Zavidova. And loudly called her to the blackboard that way. She came out almost crying and shouting: “I am not a Pasha, and the Fields!”

      Despite regular appearances and absences, studied Pelageya well, even ahead of my classmates, for example, in Russian language and literature. But mathematics, chemistry, physics and other exact Sciences were given to it with great difficulty. But the teachers always were going to meet, put four, three, so she could move to the next grade.

      “The lessons of the Field sometimes talked about his native city of Novosibirsk, – says another classmate stars Catherine Dragoon. – Or as a mom at home with her music. Shared where she went to speak. Several times offered free tickets to the concerts with their participation. We went to look at it, to support it. And somehow the Field boasted photos from the reception at President Boris Yeltsin, he personally invited her to speak. When she sang, wept much, later called Pelagia, who played in the national costume, a symbol of a resurgent Russia.

      After this event the Field was invited to speak in Paris Jacques Chirac”.

      “It was unrequited love”

      Пелагея страдала от несчастной любви к танцору

      In his spare time Pelagia together with the other girls loved to walk around Moscow. “Somehow we walked along Pushkin alley, and she suddenly suggested: “let’s right here a concert make!” – says Anastasia Savinova. – Someone even had a hat, put it on the pavement and began. Pelageya folk songs sang, someone danced, and passers-by put money. Earned a bit, but sweets like ice cream enough! All were very happy.”

      Пелагея страдала от несчастной любви к танцору

      Often, the company the girls was their classmate Basil Mordachev, tall, blond with brown eyes. “He so wanted to please Field, they are close friends, but not anymore,” continues Catherine Dragoon. – Her heart was given to another”. However, it was unrequited love, from which the young star is very suffered, the young man was a year older, was a dancer — and was always surrounded by women. The name of the object of adoration, the girl carefully concealed. Pelagia still occasionally intersects with it at concerts – dances he gave up, regularly performs in the teams “sessions.

      But with their classmates, the singer has long ceased to communicate. Due to the beginning of the active concert activity she’s had at prom, or at a subsequent meeting classmates. “A few years later, in year 2006, I accidentally found it in social networks,” says Dragoon. – Was rewritten several times, the Field was interested in how I was doing, she told how, for example, went to ride in the mountains on a snowboard… But, of course, we have become not so close”.

      Пелагея страдала от несчастной любви к танцору

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