Sister Victoria Boni was missing

Сестра Виктории Бони пропала без вести 38-year-old angelina has disappeared in Moscow. Woman for two weeks does not communicate. On April 23 she went to a movie and never returned. Relatives went to the police.

      Сестра Виктории Бони пропала без вести

      The family of Victoria Boni has been an accident. Two weeks ago, the sister of TV presenter angelina left the house in the movie and never returned. 38-year-old woman does not communicate. The last time she called mother on April 23, then traces of it disappeared.

      Sister star lives in Moscow. On that fateful day, after which it ceased to be available for relatives of angelina headed to one of the capital’s cinemas, to watch a movie. It is unknown whether the woman came to the destination, and what happened next.

      Each of the disappeared sister Victoria Boni: “I know where she can be”

      The Metropolitan police has already started investigation into the case. Mother angelina Galina Bonia already addressed in law enforcement bodies with the request to find her missing daughter. 38-year-old woman could hardly so much time not communicating on their own initiative. She often communicated with relatives on the phone. So, the last time she talked to mom the day of his disappearance, April 23.

      “Galina Ivanovna went to the police ATC CJSC, a statement about the disappearance of his eldest daughter – angelina Boni. According to the woman, angelina went to the movies the evening of April 23, and more it nobody saw,” – said “Life” a source in law enforcement bodies.

      According to preliminary investigation, the angelina was able to go to work in Anapa. At the moment this version the police work together with colleagues from the Krasnodar region. In addition, the question on excitation of criminal case.

      Most likely, Victoria Bonya aware of the incident and its part is trying to do everything possible to find an early and sisters. It is known that the last time she and angelina became somewhat strained relationship. Earlier the sisters were very friendly. They spent a lot of time together. Girls, even the daughters were named after each other. Angelina daughter name is Victoria, and Victoria – Angelina.

      “I was very beautiful, well-groomed girl. Now everything is completely opposite. Vika became a lady, straight white Swan… – spoke in a recent interview angelina in the address of the star sisters. – I wonder why all dreamed about I took it? The Victoria star, and I’m in the shade”.

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