48-летний Киркоров впервые в жизни пошел в спортзал

And all thanks to TV presenter Tina Kandelaki, which took patronage over the popular singer and helped him to lose weight.

Lived, lived Philip almost 50 years and did not even know what a gym. Enough stage loads. But after one hurtful comments about their weight from a close friend, needs no introduction, the singer suddenly decided to radically change his lifestyle.

“When you’re a star, very few people can tell you the truth. They are almost there, – admitted in a recent interview with men’shovoy Kirkorov. — Only one person in my life has that right. “Aren’t you ashamed? You invited yourself to a Director for the program, you’re doing such a show. To spend that kind of money… What were you thinking, how could you do that to bloom?“ – said to me before the New year Alla. — Understand perfectly what is said is from the heart, without a second thought. She knows that her opinion I really trust” (read more here).

For three months the singer, known for following the counsel May Plisetskaya, had to lock his lips. Ate nothing! Plus refused from your favorite soda, which is known to be very nutritious. In the end, Kirkorov took off 20 lbs!

And finally, in the Kremlin Palace hosted the long-awaited premiere of the show “I”. It is worth noting that Philip looked absolutely stunning! He lost so much weight that his pants were falling off! And the singer was forced them constantly to tighten, causing laughter in the hall. Even the show Director Franco Dragone at the final bow laughed at how Philip the whole concert trying to catch flies pants.

And in the audience proudly looking at the result of the efforts of Filippovskij Tina Kandelaki – according to the singer, she took patronage over it and helped get rid of the extra pounds.

“All secrets will not disclose, coquettish smile Tina to the correspondent of Woman’s Day. — I will say one thing: Philip took up the sport!”

Wow! Kirkorov’s really hard to imagine in the gym: he seems to be too much for him. But now my head is drawn an entirely new picture: Philip and Tina running along the path in the morning. Interestingly, the singer their sports after otgremyat the show premiered?

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