Губы как у Кардашьян: звезда выпустила коллекцию помады

Now every woman can try on one of 16 shades of your favorite socialites.

Makeup Kim Kardashian has always evoked a stormy sea of comments. Long time fans admired the contouring, which has become a feature of the stars, but now, when there is naturalness, secular lioness constantly criticized.

However, we will not cease to be jealous of Kim’s juicy lips, which she skillfully highlights nadovich lipstick shades. Perhaps that is why the leading makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury invited Kim to create a joint collection of lipstick.

Hot Lips collection, which has collected hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram from 16 of the most dudovich and juicy shades of lipstick! From light to dark-cherry – Kim and Charlotte are confident that every woman will find the shade.

In an interview, Charlotte admitted that her inspiration for the collection: “Kim – Queen nadovich lips, this pale pink shade makes lips look fuller and irresistible!”

Recall that last summer, Kim has decided to teach its fans technology own makeup.

To learn the technique of makeup Kim was “only” $ 800 for a four-hour course. Of course, the bonus is a package with gifts and selfies with the star, but fans were disappointed after learning the price of the master class. Western media reported that in addition to the lessons learned Kim plans to release the book on makeup.

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