Скидка 15% на дачные душевые кабины без бака

What comfort summer holiday you can tell if in the country there is no shower? After a hot day full of hard work, I want to go to the bathroom and with pleasure to switch for the night. Why deny yourself this pleasure if it is possible to buy cheap outdoor shower with 15% discount? Shower from the company “ekoprom” would help create urban conditions on the site of a country house, providing maximum comfort for residents and their guests.

Shower for the garden — a step towards comfort!

This is a practical and comfortable design, the installation of which takes a minimum of time. Water-resistant awning protects residents from prying eyes and street coolness, creating within the optimum temperature and humidity. Customers a choice of awnings available in blue, grey and green colors. This will set the design to any area. For those who want to put the accent represented by the blue awnings. To conceal the shower will help green or gray color, almost attracting the attention of other people.

Wooden pallet pass water into a special drain, so it does not accumulate at the bottom of the cab and does not create discomfort for people. The water quickly leaves the shower, not zastaivayas and not promoting the breeding of mold and mildew. Durable and reliable frame perfectly supports the entire structure, maintaining its shape even in bad weather.

The company “ekoprom” offers its customers the best discount of 15% on the purchase of showers with no tank!

Great prices from the manufacturer

We have our own factory allows organizations to implement even the most complex projects, offering clients quality and reliable products at competitive prices. The usual shops-distributors, in addition to the cost of the product itself, add to the final price of own costs of the staff, advertising, rent commercial space, but also lay a certain profit. As a manufacturer, the company “ekoprom” and, accordingly, its customers are spared from such overpayment. That combined with the 15% discount allows you to save the arrangement of a suburban area or countryside house.