Yulia Mikhalkov fuels the rumors about the interesting position

Юлия Михалкова подогревает слухи об интересном положении The actress refused from the annual bathing in the hole. According to Julia, the doctors advised her to dive into the icy water. However, the girl will support friends who will plunge into the eve of Epiphany. Apparently, Mikhalkov hypothermia is contraindicated in pregnancy.

      Юлия Михалкова подогревает слухи об интересном положении

      Star Comedy show “Ural dumplings” Julia Mikhalkov observes many Orthodox traditions. For example, on Christmas eve, the girl attended a Church service and a Baptism, she went to bathe in the hole. This procedure artist performs every year for the last six years. In the past the Baptism of Julia, even with their hands cut Jordan lake near Yekaterinburg.

      However, this year swimming in the hole will not Mikhalkova. The actress explained that there will be able to take part in the traditional ceremony due to medical reasons.

      “This year, unfortunately, I’ll miss the Christmas swim. Doctors do not recommend it. Health, thank God, all right. Just decided not to risk it. Doctors need to listen! But, be sure to go to the hole with my guys, I will support them morally, to serve hot tea and towels,” said the star of “Ural dumplings”.

      Such a statement of Yulia once again confirms that the girl might change your lifestyle in pregnancy. Fans suspected that the actress is expecting a baby after she posted a picture in the Old new year’s eve in a wide purple dress that hid her changing figure. In the text to the post it is hinted that in 2017 will bring her many surprises. “Next year will be extraordinary for me and will give a lot of new,” – wrote Mikhalkov.

      Followers began to congratulate the artist on the upcoming addition. “Julia’s pregnant? As I waited for this”, “Just looked at “Ural dumplings”, the husband saying: “Julia is pregnant.” So. Hurrah!” “I wish you health and a easy birth! Congratulations!”, “In a child’s world when running for gifts,” wrote in the comments to the post.

      She Mikhalkov does not give any comments about it. The photos that previously appeared in social networks, the actress demonstrated a slim and trim figure. She tries to exercise regularly to remain always cheerful and full of energy. “How great that now the sport is developing in every Russian city, and no difficulty to find a table at any sports complex. Despite the seeming simplicity, table tennis requires a lot of skills – attentiveness, quick response. It’s a great cardio workout”, – Yulia shared impressions after the game ping-pong.