Максим Аверин спас от смерти близкого человека The star of the series “Sklifosovsky” shared a personal experience of medical care. Maxim Averin did not panic and did everything necessary to save the life of an elderly relative. Thanks to his efforts she was able to wait for the arrival of doctors.

      Максим Аверин спас от смерти близкого человека

      On the channel “Russia 1” started the fifth season of the series “Sklifosovsky”. As before, all the favorite Dr. Bragin will save people. On the occasion of the premiere of the actor Maxim Averin told “StarHit” that we see, and why he doesn’t like to watch myself on TV.

      Maxim, it’s fifth season… What major changes happened in the picture?
      Максим Аверин спас от смерти близкого человекаPrevious series, we successfully removed the factory ZIL. And now it was demolished. We had to move to a new location. This is a specially-built two-storey pavilion. I would call it a work of art. Our answer to the “universal pictures”! In the script, too, there will be surprises, but you’ll soon see. At the end of the fifth season we have put a question mark. Will soon start filming the sixth. —
      The Prime Minister watched on TV?
      Максим Аверин спас от смерти близкого человекаYes. For the first time. And even wrote greetings to their partners. I don’t really like to look at yourself, as you will immediately notice the mistakes and their own, and installation. I just want something to alter. Inside me still fights and Director. This is my future profession. By the way, today with a friend, Mikhail Shipilov edited the trailer for the film Alla Surikova “Love and sax”. As a Director, I’m no beginner. Filmed a few episodes of “Grouse”. But I think that we should always try as the first time. Many years ago Faina Ranevskaya was interviewed. She was asked the question: “What in modern theatre, in its opinion, is not it?” To which she replied: “the theatre is gone the thrill”. But came the insolence. —
      You yourself ever provide care?
      Максим Аверин спас от смерти близкого человекаWhen I was ten years old, I was visiting my grandmother. Once, in the middle of the night she became ill. I walked over to her, gently put her so she was not lying. Gave her some water. All the time was near. Doctors, who arrived only this morning, said that she had a heart attack, and if not for my actions, the grandmother would not have saved.

      You recently went on a journey. Where have you been?
      Максим Аверин спас от смерти близкого человекаIn Madrid. Visited the Museum of Prada. All think this is a well-known fashion brand. But there is a Museum with the same name. By the way, translated – this is an open area, a meadow. Also visited the exhibition of the paintings of Renoir. Overall, Madrid very much. The Spaniards – amazing people who begin to live closer to the evening, and love to eat. One of the favorite dishes – “Russian salad”. Pitiful semblance of our “Olivier”. And in Spanish restaurants is a good sign, if people had lunch and left the rubbish on the floor. So the place is popular. —
      What projects we may see you again in the near future?
      Currently shooting sequel “Goryunov” about the life of a submariner. Love to play military, large and hefty. And in the spring will begin work on a new project, which waited a very long time. Finally, there were the funds for its implementation. But it’s too early to say.