Мать приемной дочери Джоли молит ее о помощи Resident of Ethiopia, gave an interview to Western journalists. The woman had lost all hope to see Saharai that Angelina Jolie adopted six-month age. Mentewab Presses Lebiso claims that it’s the only thing she wants from Hollywood stars.

      Мать приемной дочери Джоли молит ее о помощи

      In 2005, Angelina Jolie adopted a little Zahara, born in Ethiopia. Then it was reported that an orphan girl, and her mother died from AIDS. However, a few years later it turned out that the mother of the child alive. Recently Mentewab Presses Lebiso gave an interview to journalists. Woman pleads with angelina Jolie about meeting Saharas. Lebiso desperately wants to establish a relationship with the only daughter.

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      “I just want her to know that I’m alive and I hope to talk to her. I don’t look forward to her return, instead I would like to contact her and talk. Angelina is a better mother than I am. She raised her from the cradle, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss my daughter. I suffer all the time. Every day I think about her and dream about to hear her voice or see her face. I know when Zahara’s birthday, but I’m sad because I can’t celebrate it with her. I want so badly to be with her and in other important days,” said the woman.

      Mentewab live in poverty and stresses that the Hollywood star gave her daughter a chance at a better life. When a woman talks about her baby, it seems that she’s about to cry. “I just want to see Zahara knew that she has a biological mother that loves her as much as Angelina… She grew up very beautiful, and I’m so proud of her. My heart breaks from this. We’re all gonna die someday, and before I depart into the other world, I would like to know about his family in Ethiopia,” said Lebesa.

      31-year-old resident of Ethiopia, broke up with her daughter when she was little. According to journalists, Mentewab got pregnant after she was attacked and raped. Zahara was born in January 2005. Her biological mother did not have the means to support the child. Then relatives suggested Lebiso to give the girl up for adoption. “I agree, but if you’ll ask me again this question, I would have left her,” says the woman.

      Mentewab, forced to live in extremely cramped conditions, says a grateful celebrity and not asking her for financial help. “I do not require any money from Angelina. When she took my baby, you saved two lives – and mine. I will always remember this,” says the biological mother of Zahara.

      According to Lebiso, a few years ago, the Hollywood star discussed possible terms of meeting with his daughter. But it never happened. “My words were incorrectly told to Angelina. She said if I want to return to the male, and if she comes to Ethiopia, it will never return to America. This is not so,” said Mentewab.

      Last hope Lebiso to reach out to Jolie with correspondents Daily Mail.

      “I only ask angelina to give me the opportunity to speak with Zacharay. I don’t think I want too much,” she notes.